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I just wanted to remind you that there are only two weeks left to claim your 50% discount to iPhone Life Insider (60% for seniors, veterans, and service personnel). 

In case you haven't had a chance to check it out, here's what subscribing to the Insider program gets you: 

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++What the Insiders Are Saying++
Over 9 out of 10 Insiders surveyed said they would recommend the program to a friend. Here's what a few Insiders have said about the program:

"Your daily hints and info have been a great help... I'm a 78-year-old female and I am way ahead of most of my friends technically (young and old !! ) and I want to stay ahead! Y'all are the BEST!"
-Susan Humphries Goodwin (Insider Since 2017)

"I appreciate gaining a clear understanding of one feature a day. It doesn't take much time daily, but adds up over time."
-Larry Stark (Insider Since 2015) 

"iPhone Life Insider helps me find out way more about my iPhone than I could anywhere else."
-Craig Price (Insider Since 2015)

Subscribe today and claim your 50% off (60% off for seniors, veterans, and service personnel)


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