How to Get TONS of Traffic from Google Discover...

Getting traffic from traditional SEO and Google is one way to get visitors to your website.

But with all the algorithm updates, things are currently a bit uncertain.

However, there's a lesser known way to get traffic from Google that is NOT search traffic.

Meet Google Discover.

Google Discover is a recommendation engine (similar to YouTube's homepage) that suggests articles to readers on mobile devices.

The articles recommended are NOT SEO optimized articles...they meet much different criteria.

Sometimes you can get WAVES of a few months ago where I had over 40,000 visitors a day for a couple of days!

But how can you tap into Google Discover?

Well, I reached out to someone that has gotten millions of visitors from Google Discover and I'm doing a LIVE call with him today to get his strategies.

Tony Hill is well known in the online publishing space and he's joining the Niche Pursuits Community to share how you can get more traffic from Google Discover.

In order to join the call, you need to be a member of the Niche Pursuits Community Right Here.

When you become a paying member of the community, not only do you get access to all these live calls (and recordings from previous calls), but you also get to join a small mastermind group, join the community challenges, and interact with a motivated community helping each other grow their businesses.

I hope to see you on Tony's call today at 1:30pm PST!

Be sure to join the Niche Pursuits Community Right Here to Get Access to Today's Call

Google Will Find Your AI Content...Here's What To Do Now...

As Google battles an influx of AI Content, they've obviously taken steps with the recent Spam Update.

We saw thousands of sites get manually deindexed, with a large portion of those sites using some form of AI content.

The topic of Google spam, AI content, detection, government oversight, and more have far reaching implications beyond just blogging.

Today, we brought in Jon Gillham to discuss it all.

You can listen to today's full episode with Jon Gillham right here.

Jon is the founder of, an AI content detection, plagiarism checker, and fact-checking software application.

How can you know if your authors are really giving you human written content?

What is Google really looking for?

How can publishers take some power back from Google?

Go ahead and listen to today's full episode here where Jon discusses all these questions and more.

Thanks again,


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