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Three things you can do this week to better your chances of finding that remote opportunity:

1️⃣ Narrow down your trusted sources of where you can find legit remote jobs. Job boards like ours, but also We Work Remotely, Remotive, Dynamite Jobs, and LinkedIn. Put filters in place, sign up for immediate alerts, etc.

2️⃣ Join online communities relative to your niche or industry. There are many good ones out there. There are a few that are free to join or some that may have a small membership fee.

A good example is Tech Workers Club, which has 30k+ members in it currently who are finding jobs in tech (remote, hybrid, etc), but also are able to directly chat with hiring managers/recruiters, get resume review/feedback, and engage in other channels to grow careers in tech.

3️⃣ Join a talent network. Besides applying to remote jobs you find across the web, give yourself an edge by joining a talent network. This is a way to showcase your resume, interests, and skills where recruiters can search for relevant candidates and reach out with specific roles.

For example, we have 2,500+ people in our talent network right now. It’s free to sign up and gives you another way to be discovered. Join here.

You got this 💚

Ready for this week's content!? Dive into more goodies 👇

Quick note: Special thanks to our friends over at Remofirst for being our sponsor to kick off the year. Remofirst is the all-in-one platform to hire, pay, and manage remote employees from anywhere in the world with one click. Available in 180+ countries. Learn more here

Articles to Read 📚

Carefully curated remote work content and career tips that we think are worth a read. You'll find our own recent content, plus interesting articles from around the web. 

📍 How To Plan Engaging Team Retreats That Are Affordable (RWJ)
📍 10 Tips to Increase Your Energy When Working from Home (RWJ)
📍 Remote Working Still On The Rise (GR)
📍 92 Million Jobs to be Done Remotely by 2030 (Punch)
The Freedom of Work Index (2024 Edition) 👋

“Freedom of Work” is less about the physical location and more about empowering individuals with the choice and autonomy to work in ways that best suit their lives.

It's a shift from rigid structures to flexible, personalized work experiences. In addition to reviewing countless studies and research summaries on remote work in the last 5 years, these insights come from an independent survey conducted by Remofirst of 177 remote workers.

Keep reading to uncover how leaders and employees think about their Freedom of Work as we jump into 2024.

Remote Jobs to Check Out 🆕

In the market for a career change? We got you fam! Check out these select remote gigs from our job board that caught our eye. 

🔥 Sr. Product Marketing Manager (Zapier)
🔥 Director, Engineering (dbt Labs)
🔥 Product Engineer (SafetyWing)
📍 Social Media Specialist (Omni Creator Products)
📍 Technial QA Analyst (Gymdesk)
📍 Customer Support Specialist (Reconstruct Inc)
📍 SEO Specialist (TestGorilla)
📍 Talent Manager (Float)
📍 Senior Software Engineer (ConvertKit)
📍 Content Marketing Manager (SafeBase)
📍 HR Experience Specialist (Deel)
📍 Content Marketing Manager (Airship)
📍 Senior Developer (The Hoth)

Looking for more awesome remote jobs or want to post remote jobs for your company? Head over to the Remote Junkie Job Board to get started.  Our job board is growing! 😎

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