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BLAG Meet is a free online event that gives you the opportunity to meet and hear from contributors to each issue of the magazine.

Below you can catch up with the recordings from BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 04, which took place on Saturday, 2 March 2024. Thank you to all the contributors and attendees that took part across the day.

The Fairground Painters with Amy Goodwin was originally scheduled to be part of this event, but is now happening today at 19:30 London time.

The next BLAG Meet will be on Saturday, 9 November, so pencil that into your diary. In the meantime, you can also check out the recordings from last year's BLAG Meet: Inside Issue 03.

Inside BLAG 04

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The Recordings

The recordings from the following sessions can be viewed below.

  1. Alice Mazzilli / @alicemazzilli showing what we can all gain from practicing handwriting, as professionals or otherwise.
  2. Bungo Sign Co. / @bungosignco talking about their experience of opening a high street shop in Glasgow.
  3. François Tusseki / @francoistusseki reflecting on his experience of running Benelux Letterheads.
  4. Ryan Adams / @ryanwritesonthings discussing his creative journey to painting his 'gem' style murals for major global brands.
  5. Matra Type / @matratype sharing photography and insights from her India Street Lettering initiative.
  6. Tomos Jones / @momosigns telling the story of his experience of undertaking a huge career pivot to become a sign painter.
  7. Hana Sunny Whaler / @hanasunnystudio sharing the joys of British pub signage, and her myriad projects for the Dog & Bell in London.
  8. Gustavo Ferrari / @ferrarifileteados exploring the frames and corners of Fileteado Porteño.
  9. Katy V. Meehan / @katyvmeehan demonstrating the process she uses to create her watercolour paintings of vintage signs, and the inspiration behind these.
  10. Scot Campbell / @ScotCampbellwindowpainter talking about window splashes, sign painting, creativity, laughter, Extremo the clown, and much more.
  11. Craig Winslow / @craigwinslow and Matt Cohen / @fadingads taking us behind-the-scenes of the process for creating and installing Light Capsules.
  12. Stephen Coles / from Letterform Archive / @letterformarchive introducing their remarkable collection of transit passes from Milwaukee in the 1930s–60s.
  13. Alex Perry / @rightwaysigns giving insights into running the business and marketing side of Chicago's Right Way Signs.
  14. Nico Barrios / @nicobarriosart discussing his work convincing local businesses of the value of hand-painted signs.
  15. Jennifer Konanz / @konanzandco talking about the ways she has grown and adapted her business to both market and personal needs.
  16. Kathy Kikkert / @kathykikkert taking us back in time to look at the stories of Hollywood's iconic signs.

Handwriting with Alice Mazzilli

Opening a Shop with Bungo Sign Co.

How to Run a Letterheads Meet with François Tusseki

In Conversation with Ryan Adams

India Street Lettering: A Typographic Archive in the Making with Pooja Saxena

Getting Into It with Tomos Jones

British Pub Signs with Hana Sunny Whaler

Fileteado Frames and Corners with Gustavo Ferrari

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Painting Signs, But Not as You Might Think with Katy V. Meehan

Window Splashes vs Sign Painting with Scot Campbell

Light Capsules: Reviving Fading Ads with Light with Craig Winslow and Matt Cohen

Milwaukee Transit Passes with Stephen Coles

Doing it the Right Way: The Business of Signs with Alex Perry

'Shared Signs': The Value of Traditional Signs for Local Businesses with Nico Barrios

The Adaptive Sign Painter with Jennifer Konanz

Hollywood Signs with Kathy Kikkert

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