Backstory: Org charts are a great way to communicate across your teams who is in charge of each department. As companies move to a more remote style, it's harder to keep track of who is in charge of which department or division.

The Idea: Platform to host and display org charts for startups and smaller companies.

Deep Dive: You would create a software platform where companies can create their org chart for their employees. A few features you could offer:
1. Custom domains - makes it look like the org chart is part of the parent website
2. Branding - along with custom domains, it helps legitimize the org chart 
3. Versioning - keep track of promotions, fires and employees that quit. This is like watching a company evolve overtime 
4. Employee track - you could link to hr platforms to display what it takes to get to the next level and what's required at the employee's current level
5. Employee career tracking - you could track employees across different companies as they move and relocate. This would be interesting to see their positions and bosses/co-workers across different companies. This would be the golden ticket for HR to reach out for recommendations. 

Validation: LinkedIn already displays part of this information in a flat list when you view a company's people.

Monetization: I'd go after the freemium route like baremetrics. Allow only a public version of the org chart for free, complete with branding for your company. You can gate additional features like versioning and private charts behind a paywall. 

Steps to Launch: I would build up a following on linkedIn, go crazy and try to friend HR directors and CEO's of small companies. Once you have onboarded your first customer, write a case study and solid post on linkedin. The demographic and niche established on linkedin is perfect for this platform. Hopefully you would garner enough attention from the first post to get your next round of customers, I would rinse and repeat until this pool of potential customers dries up.