Backstory: I recently subscribed to a monthly coffee subscription and loved discovering new coffee flavors. I filled out a profile and listed my preferences, the company sent me curated beans. I loved the surprise part and the coffee fit the profile I wanted, definitely a great experience. 

Applying this idea to another frequently consumable product, salad dressing is a great option. Salad dressing is something that can vary from region and has very different flavor profiles. You can expose your customers to a wide variety of options fairly easily.

The Idea: Curational salad dressing subscription. 

Deep Dive: You would need to build a quiz/questionnaire to ask insightful questions to help determine which salad dressing would complement your customer's desires. Teaming with local restaurants and chefs would be a great way to seed your inventory. Additionally, as you find customer requests for specific flavors, the smaller manufacturers will be more likely to help delivery these dressings. 

Depending on your interest in the space, you may want to team with a chef. This person would be the "face" of the company and expert for matching preferences to the correct dressing. Additionally, they would aid in producing content for seo and establishing the company as the expert in the space. 

Validation: The coffee subscription, atlas coffee, is seemingly crushing it in the curational subscription coffee space. If you're interested in this idea, sign up for some of their coffee, their funnel is great.

Monetization: A monthly e-commerce subscription, watch your margins but this is great for increasing ltv compared to a typical store.

Steps to Launch: You would build a subscription e-commerce website on a platform like shopify/recharge or cratejoy. I would start with a particular type of dressing or brand. This will help narrow your audience and find your first few hundred customers.