Trans news anchor makes history, Spanish guitar meets anime, NYTimes internships in 5+ countries

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‘I had to prove that I exist’– transgender anchor makes history in Bangladesh: Tashnuva Anan Shishir broke down in tears of joy after delivering her first news bulletin. Shishir survived assault, bullying, and suicide attempts and is now a trailblazer for the LGBTQ+ community. ➞ Full Story

A global webinar on intersectional feminist approaches to climate activism: The climate crisis is more than global warming and the need to produce less carbon dioxide. It works as a multiplier of inequality, worsening living conditions of already marginalized people. Learn what an intersectional approach looks like in practice in an upcoming webinar by the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy and Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens. ➞ Register

In a landmark ruling, Japan backs rights to same-sex marriage: A Japanese court ruled that it’s unconstitutional to deny marriage to same-sex couples. This was the first time Japan’s judiciary decided on the legality of same-sex unions, and could pave the way for the legalization of same-sex marriage across the country. ➞ Full Story

North America 
Media-NY-News intern, New York Times
Tech-DC or London-Public policy associate, Bumble
Marketing-Remote-Cultural strategist, Enso
NGO-Remote-Comms associate, Black Futures Lab
NGO-Remote-Development officer, Women's Link Worldwide
NGO-Remote-Visual artist, Black Girls Matter 
NGO-Remote-Comms officer, Huairou Commission
NGO-Remote-Unaccompanied children intern, Int. Rescue Committee 
NGO-Remote-Network manager, Center Story-Based Strategy
Gov Relations-Vancouver-Policy analyst, Squamish Nation
Gov Relations-Vancouver-Special ed assistant, Squamish Nation
Media-Remote-Canada news assistant, New York Times

NGO-Social media content creators, The Polis Project
Philanthropy-Beijing-Climate analyst, Children's Investment Fund
Media-Seoul-News assistant/researcher, New York Times
NGO-Iligan City-GBV specialist, Plan International 
NGO-Remote-Legal assistant (India, London,or
Brussels), Minority Rights Group
Philanthropy-New Delhi-Manager, GIRL Capital

Venture Capital-Gender consultant, Acumen
NGO-Grants for women-led + women’s rights
groups, African Women's Development Fund
-Addis-Analyst (EML), Children's Investment Fund
NGO-Tunis-Project manager, Int. Labor Organization
NGO-Nairobi-Comms associate, OpenStreetMap Humanitarian 
NGO-Juba-Program officer, Ed for Peace, Recovery + Resilience
NGO-Kampala-Illustrator (Lego project), Plan International
NGO-Niamey-Project manager, Int. Rescue Committee

Skaramagas-Volunteer coordinator, A Drop in the Ocean
NGO-Samos-Project coordinator (refugees), Action for Education
-Rome-Intern, UN Migration Agency
Fashion-Florence-Legal intern, Gucci
Gov Relations-Trento-Junior innovator, Hub Innovazione
International Affairs-Remote-Comms associate, EU Peace Institute
NGO-Brussels-Intern, European Students’ Forum
NGO-Amsterdam-Comms officer, ARTICLE 19
Environment-Amsterdam-Comms intern, Metabolic
Environment-Amsterdam-Sustainability consultant, Metabolic
Media-Amsterdam-Admin assistant, Netflix
NGO-Remote-Global HR intern, Greenpeace 
NGO-Berlin-EU + Central Asia intern, Human Rights Watch
NGO-Berlin-Associate, Transparency International
-Geneva-Admin assistant, Interpeace
NGO-Geneva-Interns, International Service Human Rights
Media-London-Editorial assistant, OpenDemocracy
Media-London-Design intern, New York Times
Civic Org-London-Associate program, On Purpose
NGO-Woking-Impact intern, Plan International
Music-Manchester-Admin assistants, International Festival
Tech-Barcelona-Product manager, Bumble 

Latin America
NGO-Ciudad Juarez-Women's empowerment, Int. Rescue Committee 
Media-Mexico City-Inclusion recruiting manager, Netflix
NGO-Mexico City-Grant writer, Pro Mujer
NGO-Bogotá-Emergency response manager, NRC
NGO-Santiago-Operations coordinator, SumUp
Philanthropy-São Paulo-Grant manager, Porticus
NGO-Boa Vista-Assistant, UNHCR
Media-Remote-Sales intern, New York Times

Civic Org-Gender/human rights associate, The B Team
NGO-Global HR associate, OpenStreetMap Humanitarian
Philanthropy-Consultants anti-racism/anti-colonialism, The Baring Foundation
Civic Org-Digital strategist, The B Team
NGO-Civic space mapping x2 consultants, RFK Human Rights
NGO-Associate, Center for Economic and Social Rights
NGO-Consultant (grants), Safe Action Abortion Fund
NGO-Gender research manager, World Wide Web Foundation
NGO-Policy consultant, War Child Holland
NGO-Advocacy consultant, Transparency International
Tech-Dutch freelance social moderator, Bumble 
Marketing-Community manager, Panion
Think Tank-Digital forensic research intern
(US permit required), Atlantic Council

📆to join 

24 March Colombia University is hosting a Human Rights Career Panel! The panel brings leaders across great organizations like Center for Reproductive Rights and Open Society Foundations. 

24 March What does "feminist photography" look like in practice? In Visual Rebellions: Reframing and Resisting Power Through Feminist Photography four remarkable community-based artists and activists will share their perspective, and how they create work that showcases the diversity and richness of perspectives of women, gender nonconforming people, and communities of color.

25 March How can we effectively counter the rising resistance to gender equality? Government and civil society leaders from around the world will share lessons learned and best practices from how they have mobilized collective power that can be scaled to better serve women worldwide. Humans we're excited to listen to on this panel include (but certainly not limited to!) Chinese feminist activist Liang Xiaowen and Ambassador Melanne Verveer, the executive director of Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. 
The most interesting marrying of sounds we heard this week is an anime song 君の名は covered by a Spanish guitarist

Just your everyday, ordinary, average, casual car ride with a 3-year-old girl who speaks 12 languages and can sing Selena's 'Como la Flor' with the passion of a professional. Yes, she also has great music taste.  
A renewable power you've probably never heard of – until now. 

Before she became an influential feminist, actress, and activist, Jameela Jamil went through, in her words, "a dumpsterfire of hell and chaos." Learn of her life before fame and the odd jobs she worked like being a human test subject or teaching English to Polish nuns, and the tips and lessons she's picked up along the way. 

Shop at a virtual artisan fair featuring global artisans who support NGOs with women-focused initiatives

How it feels to bake a cake in the eye of a storm

Lil-Lets Talk is a unique community platform in South Africa providing support for people with periods. We were absolutely captivated by their recent video of a family's inter-generational conversation on menstruation.

Morgan Harper Nichols is a mixed-media artist and musician whose artwork blesses the Instagram feeds of 2 million people. She recently started a podcast series that feels like 20-minute self-help moments grounded in poetry and art: You have what you need to live a beautiful life, 5 practices to find beauty and courage to carry on, by looking back.

In the podcast, she creates 5 unique opportunities for you to look back to your own story so you can see the ways you've grown, and find what you need to give you hope and courage to keep going. It's a beautiful meditation with practical takeaways. 

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