I recently ask most of my readers to tell me what their biggest challenge that they're currently facing in business. Know what the most common answer I hear is?

Breaking free of selling hours as a consultant and transitioning to a (more scalable) products business.

It took me years to make this transition myself. But once I did, I was able to build and grow multiple six-figure+ businesses (one was able to sell). I know how challenging making this transition truly is, especially when you're supporting a family.

Most people never make this transition.

What made it (finally) click for me was when I embraced the Productized Service model. Productizing helped me gain the traction and systemization my business needed to grow. Today, my Productized Service business runs and produces without me. It affords me the freedom to focus on the bigger picture (and take the occasional a paid vacation with my wife and two daughters).

Why am I telling you this? Because it's what I teach.

I created a free video crash course on how to Productize your service and break free of billable hours for good. Click the link below and I'll send you the first lesson in the course today:

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In this 4-part video crash course I'll show how to:

  • Apply the Productize model to your business
    Even if every project you do is different from the next.
  • Sell your service at scale
    Without writing long custom proposals for every project.
  • Free yourself from day-to-day client work
    Delegate to a team without sacrificing quality or dealing with management headaches.
  • Transition your business and 10x your value
    Without 10x’ing your time.

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Brian Casel
Productize & Scale