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Album Daily #76 - The Week of May 3rd - 7th

It's no secret over here at Album Daily HQ that we like tracks with a funky lil beat, those songs you can feel in your hips, the tunes that bring the groooooove. Whether its up-tempo, down-tempo, mid-tempo, WHATEVER the tempo, as long as there's a bassline and some fun vocals, you've got us hooked. This week we've got our usual variety of works including pop and indie music, but we made a point to level up the groove one notch higher! 

Now, turn your speakers up, and check out this week's albums! 

- Andrew, Lowell, and Matt

Little Oblivions

Julien Baker

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Genre: Indie-Alternative
Release Date: February 26th, 2021
Top Tracks: Bloodshot, Song in E, Heatwave
Similar Artists: Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Daughter

This album is painfully beautiful. We say painfully because Julien Baker touches on things like her challenging past, suicide, drinking, and more but she does it in a way that makes Pitchfork say she, “turns being way too hard on yourself into its own genre.” Don’t listen to this one if you’re looking for happily ever after. Listen to this one alone on your front porch and soak it all in. Baker has got a lot of powerful things to be said and they deserve to be heard. Check out this new album today.

Click here to learn more about the album: We usually default to not picking Pitchfork write-ups for the bonus content, but we really enjoyed this write-up. In this article, we learned that Julien Baker plays nearly every instrument herself and we learned a lot more about his upbringing. She grew up gay, Christian, in the American South, and survived teenage addiction. Baker is one tough cookie.


Boney James

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Genre:  Jazz
Release Date: 1992
Top Tracks: Another Place, Another Time + It's A Beautiful Thing
Similar Artists:  Euge Groove, Norman Brown, Richard Elliot

Are you ready to talk sexy sax? Cause we’re ready for some sexy sax. We’ve gotten requests from you all for more diverse recommendations and we aim to please. Trust has got some of the smoothest, sexiest saxophone out there. We originally heard “Another Place, Another Time” from this album while strolling around the streets of downtown and it immediately transports you to a subway stop in New York City where the jazz musicians are probably even better than some artists you’d get in a formal jazz club. This album is everything you’d expect: serene, masterful, and absolutely classic. Trust is a bit more “formal” than your typical jazz club music in the sense that it’s got a nice rhythm to it and it isn’t as free-styled. Even if you don’t typically like jazz, give this one a shot when you need to sit back and relax a bit. Or, even better, you can pair this with the new(er) Pixar movie Soul and you’ve got yourself one lovely night of new music discovery and quality animation.

Click here to watch an interview with saxophonist Boney James: 16 albums. 16 ALBUMS this man has. Trust is Boney James’ debut album wayyyy back in 1992 and he’s still at it as he just released a new album in 2020. Let us know if you like this album and we’ll get to work on picking out our favorite from his others!

Pleasure Princple

Dugong Jr.

Genre: Funk
Release Date: November 13th, 2020
Top Tracks: Slow It Down, Ghost, On my Own
Similar Artists: Young Franco, Hotel Garuda

TBH when I saw the artist Dugong Jr come up on my Discover Weekly playlist, my immediate thought went right to the adorable water Pokemon, Dewgong. Much to my chagrin, there was no meaningful connection I could find between the artist and animated critter, other than (ready for this segway?) Dewgong lives under the sea and Dugong Jr lives (you guessed it …) down unda’, originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Poor analogies aside, this EP is certified funky fresh. The brilliance of Pleasure Principle comes with its ability to unite a wide range of musical elements - from a backbone of groovy electronic house beats, to jazzy R&B melodies, to sentimental lo-fi piano riffs. All in all, Dugong Jr produces a cohesive project that delivers a unique funk sound tune after tune.

Bonus Content: There isn’t a ton out there on Dugong Jr but I did find out he is starting to produce his own NFTs (classic 2021) and music videos. Check out the video for “On My Own” which won the Triple J Unearthed video completion in 2020!

I Got the Melody


Genre: Soul
Release Date: 1981
Top Tracks: Going Back to My Roots, It Will Be Alright
Similar Artists: The Trammps, Bee Gees, Donna Summer

"Zipping up my boots. Going back to my roots... Yeahhhhhhh"

This 1980 soul/funk/disco album revolves around that one single couplet that will have you, well, zipping up your boots and going back to your roots. Originally released as an LP vinyl, this digital version features a couple of new versions of the hit single "Going Back To My Roots". The original vinyl featured only the title track "I Got The Melody" and the hit track "Roots Suite" on the A-side and featured a few others tracks on the B side. To fully enjoy this album and teleport yourself to a more funky and more groovy age with just a bit more style, listen to Roots Suite and then allow yourself to fully let go by listening to the soulful "It Will Be Alright". If you have some sparkly pants and platform shoes tucked away in your closet, this Odyssey album is the album you'll want to dust them off for. 

Bonus Content: We originally stumbled upon this album when watching one of the best Boiler Room sets of the past few years. In this 2019 set, Folamour takes us on a journey through the ages and starts us off with this classic track. The crowd is really something to behold on this one and if you need to put a smile on your face, go ahead and skip to the 32-minute mark. Every month or so I'll revisit this set just for that moment.

Kill the Lights

Loving Caliber

Genre: Pop
Release Date:  February 26th, 2021
Top Tracks: Left in the Rain, Sign, Wasted: Kill the Lights, My Time
Similar Artists:  Tape Machines, Lvly, Markvard

Guest Review! Don't miss Caitlin's take on this awesome album below:

Even though this album was just released recently, I admit I have it on repeat all day, every day. What struck out to me was the mellow steadiness throughout the album, and how their songs take that and build up to a more surprising tempo that’s enjoyable. Loving Caliber’s first song in the album “Left in the Rain”, begins with simple piano but builds up to more energized and upbeat lyrics and beat that you wouldn’t have expected to appear. In my opinion, I think Loving Caliber has the potential to gain more attention and I believe lots of people would appreciate and enjoy their music if they gave it a listen.

Let her know what you think of the album on her Twitter or Instagram. Anybody who brings new music is a friend of ours. Reach out if you'd like to submit your favorite album others should know about! You can submit it here.

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- Andrew, Lowell, and Matt

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