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The Friday U.S. jobs report was a pointed reminder of just how far the nation’s recovery has yet to go. Unemployment ticked up to 6.1% as businesses added just 266,000 jobs in April—well below expectations of one million. The negative report, coupled with March’s downward revisions, set off a scramble in Washington. President Joe Biden defended his policies as part of a “marathon” recovery and urged Congress to take up his $2 trillion jobs bill. Republicans argued extra unemployment benefits were incentivizing workers to stay home. The lack of workers to fill openings is something some executives have reported, albeit anecdotally. The report leaves the U.S. roughly 8 million jobs below pre-pandemic levels. Stocks climbed after the surprisingly weak data eased fears about higher inflation and a cutback of government rescue funding. Here’s your markets wrapMargaret Sutherlin

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Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who murdered George Floyd, along with three other Minneapolis cops charged in the killing, Tou Thao, J. Kueng and Thomas Lane, was indicted by a federal grand jury for violating Floyd’s civil rights. Chauvin is also charged with using unreasonable force in a 2017 incident involving a 14-year-old boy.

Derek Chauvin is handcuffed and led away after being convicted of murdering George Floyd. 

Photographer: Pool Court TV

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the national debt may breach its congressionally mandated limit by this summer, which would be earlier than some analysts are expecting.

The desperate situation in India continues to set new pandemic records. The country reported 414,188 new confirmed cases and 3,915 deaths on Friday alone. After months of lockdowns, the U.K. hit a milestone with two-thirds of all adults now receiving one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. It also set a date for leisure travel. The World Health Organization approved China’s Sinnopharm vaccine, paving the way for a wider rollout of the shot in countries scrambling for immunizations. Here’s the latest  on the pandemic.

Patients breathe with the help of oxygen masks inside a New Delhi banquet hall that has been converted into a coronavirus ward.

Photographer: Money Sharma/AFP

With homeownership out of reach for many Americans because of high prices and low supply, rents are now also climbing. Record occupancy rates are emboldening single-family landlords to hike rents aggressively, testing the limits of booming demand for suburban rentals.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest philanthropic family foundation, built by its namesake couple over 27 years of marriage. Now that their union is ending, what happens to its key causes?

Melinda and Bill Gates 

Photographer: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images North America

Dogecoin traders around the world are organizing watch parties for Elon Musk’s appearance this weekend on “Saturday Night Live,” with their apps open in case the Tesla CEO’s comments move prices for the funny money. Serious crypto traders however are getting a little tired of the joke

It’s called the most Asian city outside of Asia. Yet Vancouver, Canada, is also the anti-Asian hate crime capital of North America. Almost 1 in every 2 residents of Asian descent has suffered a hate crime there last year.

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Covid-19 Is Now Killing Pregnant Brazilians

It began with the elderly. When an Amazonian variant appeared, a broader range of Brazilians started dying. Then those in their 40s, 30s and even 20s succumbed. Now, in another chilling development with potential global implications, Covid-19 is killing pregnant and post-partum Brazilians, leaving newborn orphans.

Workers transfer an 8-month pregnant woman, who has been diagnosed with coronavirus, to a hospital in Brazil.

Photographer: Tarso Sarraf/AFP

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