Intro to ecological feminist macroeconomics, 3 minutes with African tech leader, Fellowship at Women’s Rights Watch Asia Pacific

Welcome to The Bloom, a global social justice resource!
Enjoy our small seeds of joy with an intersectional feminist lens.

Crash course in ecological and feminist macroeconomics: This summer the University of Barcelona will host a week-long course on the topic, bringing together educators across fields with a shared passion for environmental justice. Sessions include embedding finance in the macroeconomics of climate change, and the convergence of feminist and ecological economics. โ†’ Course

Why we must all be "internationalists": In the movement for global liberation, internationalism recognizes that the freedom of the other is bound in our own freedom, and vice versa. It mandates us to join forces and act as a united front to dismantle the systems of oppression and white supremacy. โ†’ Story

Global database with feminist resources on the pandemic: The Center for Feminist Foreign Policy recently created an ongoing database with research, articles, and updates on the pandemic. Two particularly interesting resources include Hawaii's "Feminist Economic Recovery Plan" and a website created by a group of NGOs around the world with feminist responses to the pandemic. โ†’ Database

North America 
Investing-Remote-Program coordinator, Racial Justice Investing
Community-Remote-Lead digital producer, Ethel's Club
Health-Remote-Comms associate, Human Impact Partners
International Affairs-DC-MENA program assistant, Vital Voices
Media-NY-Data analyst, NYTimes 
NGO-Santa Monica-Graphic designer, Little Market
NGO-Santa Monica-Graphic designer, Little Market
Arts-Palm Springs-Black Trans visual artist residency, Art for Black Lives
NGO-Remote-People & culture coordinator, Youth Climate Lab
NGO-Remote-Policy coordinator, Youth Climate Lab
Policy-Remote-Admin intern, Ontario Council International Cooperation
Ed-Remote-Data engineering intern, Coursera
NGO-Remote-Summer student interns (research/marketing/funding),
NGO-Remote-Business + operations manager, Threading Change
Think Tank-Toronto-Policy analyst, Institute Sustainable Development

Asia + Oceania 
Media-English language subeditor, Global Voices
NGO-Pacific research consultant, Transparency International
NGO-Program officer (marginalized women), Int. Womenโ€™s Rights Watch Asia Pacific
NGO-Regional humanitarian coordinator, Save the Children
NGO-Climate resilience coordinator (Bay of Bengal), Youth Climate Lab
NGO-Research fellow, KHRG
Politics-Melbourne-Gender equality manager, Equality Institute 
NGO-Dhaka-Monitoring coordinator, SightSavers
NGO-New Delhi-Multiple opportunities, Protsahan Foundation

Africa + Middle East
Ed-Early graduates program, African Leadership Group
Johannesburg-Africa division intern, Human Rights Watch
-Ramallah/Jerusalem-Reporter, NYTimes 
-Lagos-Market coordinator, Taptap Send
NGO-Erbil-Program coordinator (food security), Triangle 
-Kampala-Multiple opportunities, Raising Voices
-Nairobi-Africa division intern, Human Rights Watch
NGO-Nairobi/London-Security analyst, Save the Children
-Luanda-Partnerships intern, UNESCO 
-Tindouf-Grants/reporting officer, Triangle
-Remote-Journalism mentor/trainer, BBC Media Action
Media-Remote-Jr radio producer (women's rights), BBC Media Action
-Dakar-Girls + sports coordinator, Right to Play
NGO-Amman-Partnership coordinator, NRC
NGO-Amman-Gender + inclusion program manager, Save the Children
Parakou-Journalist, Creatives International
NGO-Kordofan-Project coordinator, Saferworld

Tech-Content creator + community manager, Dreamwaves
NGO-Operations associate, The Sunrise Project
Think Tank-Remote-Comms trainee, Institute Strategic Dialogue
Crafts-Berlin-Freelance craftsperson + customer agent, Driller Queens 
NGO-Bonn-Student assistant, Forest Council
Environment-Lisboa-Marketing manager, Too Good To Go
NGO-Chambรฉry-Jr mobile data collection officer, CartONG
Environment-Barcelona-Digital associate, EU Climate Foundation
NGO-Madrid-Community development (Burkina Faso), Cruz Roja
๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ
Ed-Edinburgh-Lecturer in African studies, Uni of Edinburgh
NGO-Basel-Jr legal researcher, Basel Institute on Governance
NGO-Remote-Community + web consultant, Save the Children
Philanthropy-Amsterdam-Marketing + comms manager, Mama Cash
Philanthropy-Amsterdam-Grant admin officer, Mama Cash
Environment-Remote-Investigations associate, EU Climate Foundation
Defense-Brussels-Cyber education project officer, EU Defense Agency
NGO-Brussels-Immigration + border management intern, IOM 
Tech-London-Data scientist, Alan Turing Institute 
NGO-Remote-Legal fellows, JUSTICE

Latin America
-Remote-Digital literacy gap consultancy, UNICEF
-Remote-Gender consultant, iMMAP
NGO-Bogotรก-Water rights intern, iMMAP
-Mexico City-Comms coordinator, Oxfam Mexico
NGO-Mexico City-Comms/campaigns assistant, Amnesty
NGO-Remote-Comms consultant, Impunity Watch
Civic Org-Sรฃo Paulo-Multiple interns + analysts (finance/comms), Fundaรงรฃo Brava

Media-Associate editor, Global Voices
NGO-Remote-2022 intern program (focus on Germany), Center Feminist Foreign Policy
NGO-Multiple opportunities, Medicines sans Frontiers 
Fashion-Digital marketing analyst, Play out Apparel
Fashion-Social media content creator, Play out Apparel
NGO-Comms consultancy, Journalists for Transparency
NGO-Research intern, Exigo
NGO-Regional coordinator (Pacific or Caribbean), Youth Climate Lab
Ed-Jr course development coordinator, Outlier
Philanthropy-Intern, Translators without Borders
NGO-Program officer, Women for Women
Ed-Marketing coordinator, Wedu Global
Ed-Comms intern, Wedu Global
Ed-Finance officer, Wedu Global
NGO-Fellowship to support Global South Women's Forum, Womenโ€™s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific

๐ŸŒˆto celebrate your talent 

The Green Skills Innovation Challenge is a first-of-its-kind global innovation competition open to social entrepreneurs with ventures that equip individuals and communities with the skills needed to thrive in the transition to a green economy. 

Young Feminist Europe is an organization aiming to raise awareness on period poverty/menstrual hygiene in Europe. If you're working in a European organization fighting period poverty, and keen on connecting with this fantastic group of humans, reach out - they're looking to support you! 

A six month environmental justice and storytelling fellowship for individuals aged 17-24 working with a focus on women and girls. Fully virtual and paid!

The International Women's Forum fellowship is open! It's a year-long, intensive development experience to accelerate leadership and help women enter positions of power. 

A diverse mentorship program in responsible tech

If youโ€™re a journalism student or journalist passionate about learning how to use data, design and code to help tell stories, this data and design workshop looks awesome.

๐Ÿ’กto learn

3 minutes with Rebecca Enonchong, one of Africa's most influential voices in tech and female entrepreneurship.
Resources to improve self-esteem grounded in meditative practices. 

The Global Gender Response Tracker monitors responses taken by governments worldwide to tackle the pandemic, and highlights those that have integrated a gender lens. It captures two types of government responses: womenโ€™s participation in Covid19 task forces and national policy measures taken by governments. It analyzes which of the policy measures address womenโ€™s economic and social security, including unpaid care work, the labour market and violence against women. The Tracker can provide guidance for policymakers and evidence for advocates to ensure a gender-sensitive Covid19 policy response. 

A new report on how to decolonize aid, and exploring the extent of structural racism in peacebuilding and development.

๐Ÿ“†to join

17 May Join in a live conversation with queer feminist activists from Ghana. Learn about how queer and feminist collectives are organising to resist homophobia, and how you can be in solidarity with Ghanaian activists.

2,000 miles of the coast of Chile โ€“ a story of music, ambition, and hope. 

She's an internationally celebrated Nigerian-American comedian who began her journey with poetry, now inspiring millions through her new talk show with deliciously awkward interviews

A realistic Indian Zoom wedding

Shameless stories for the grown up child in all of us โ€“ featuring radical crabs and wisdom in omelettes.  

Confident characters in bright colors and shapes weave together into a vibrant world in the new music video for Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade's Tรบ sรญ sabes quererme

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