Why a European WeChat won't work 🙅‍♀️

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Today's line up:
  • The European startup going against Amazon Go
  • Introducing the SaaS soonicorns
  • Europe, stop trying to replicate WeChat
  • Sustainable D2C tips, from beauty startup founders


Is this Europe's answer to Amazon Go?

In 2018, ecommerce giant Amazon launched its first autonomous store — built using technology where customers can walk out of the door without going to a cash register, and instead pay automatically via an app.

Amazon's also crept into Europe, launching a store in London three months ago. But now, Lisbon-based startup Sensei wants a piece of Amazon's pie and has launched a new autonomous store.

So how does it work? And can Sensei compete with Amazon Go?

Cecile Bussy paid a visit to the store to find out.

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Fintech founders, stop trying to build a European WeChat

It might seem like a good idea for European fintechs to replicate the huge success of super apps like WeChat and Alipay in China, but that completely misses the point of fintech, think Ivan Zhiznevskiy and Eugene Dugaev, CEO and CTO of fintech 3s.money.

Instead of looking to Chinese super apps for inspiration, Europe’s fintech founders should be looking to stripped-back apps like music finder Shazam, they say.

Here's why.

\For Members SaaS

Introducing Europe's SaaS soonicorns

European SaaS startups have been on fire recently. The continent boasts 10 $1bn companies — like insurtech Tractable and freight forwarder Sennder — and SaaS funding has already hit €15bn this year so far, topping the whole of 2020 by €3bn.

So which SaaS startups in Europe are shaping up to be the next unicorns?

Kai Nicol-Schwarz investigates.

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5 steps towards more sustainable D2C businesses

Whether it's plastic packaging, consumer pressure, animal cruelty or complex supply chains, beauty companies have heaps of challenges they need to tackle before they can call themselves a sustainable business.

Many of the beauty sector's direct-to-consumer brands, like Beauty Pie, Q+A and Wild, have been prioritising sustainability from the outset.

So what can they teach the industry about sustainability, and what can they tell aspiring beauty entrepreneurs?

Isabella Pojuner finds out.

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