How TV networks managed between securing upfront commitments and saving inventory for scatter advertisers

TV networks managed their inventory in an effort to maximize the amount of money they received in the upfront as well as the money they stand to reap outside of the annual commitments.
June 28, 2021

The latest cycle of TV advertising’s upfront deal-making is likely to put even more pressure on an already tight linear TV and streaming ad market. TV networks managed their inventory to maximize the amount of money they received in the upfront as well as the money they stand to reap outside of the annual commitments. “Definitely there is a law of reserving some of our inventory to make sure that we’ve got a scatter marketplace to sell into,” said one TV network executive. Read more below.

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Ivy Liu
TV networks managed their inventory in an effort to maximize the amount of money they received in the upfront as well as the money they stand to reap outside of the annual commitments.

As the TV upfront marketplace wraps up in favor of sellers, buyers look to bring balance in scatter between Q4 2021 and Q3 2022.

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Successful contextual targeting addresses ad placement as well as content alignment, a new study shows — and in-image video ads are driving performance.

Summer Fridays are by no means a standard across media companies, but some publishers are offering employees more PTO and flexible work hours.

Google has committed to welcoming the U.K.’s antitrust agency into a cookieless web ad standards process many say the firm has dominated in development, but open government advocates are skeptical.

Tech giants and government regulators are cracking down on digital tracking, and the ad industry has failed to convince people of tracking's trade-offs, IPG's data and technology officer said in the latest episode of the Digiday Podcast.
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