The 26 best new productivity apps for 2021

As we've become more aware of how plastic is destroying the planet, many fashion brands have started making garments from recycled plastic. But Dutch designer Iris van Herpen has elevated recycled plastic fabric into an art form. In her latest couture collection, she creates five gowns entirely from plastic salvaged from the ocean. She's found that this recycled plastic fabric is both strong and soft, allowing her to create delicate lace-like patterns that would be impossible on cotton or silk. The gowns she's created are ethereal, making the models look like they are blending into the landscapes behind them. They tell a story about how humans are part of the complex ecosystem of our planet—and how much we have to lose if we don't turn things around quickly. See the full collection here.

—Liz Segran
These gorgeous, intricate gowns are made entirely of trash

“We only have 10 years to make big changes before we will begin facing terrible consequences on the planet. This is a very short time to reverse the whole system of mass production in fashion.” Read more.

The 26 best new productivity apps for 2021

These great apps will help you organize your digital life, avoid unwanted distractions, and more.

Read more.

How the combination of our cultures of service and tipping leads to sexual harassment in restaurants

The combination of tipping-based compensation structures with demands for over-exaggerated friendliness lead customers to feel they have power over service workers. Read more.

Kids bullied each other less during the pandemic. Here’s how we keep it that way

Smaller class sizes and teacher oversight on Zoom helped reduce the opportunities for abuse among school-age kids in Canada, a new study finds. Read more.
The roller rink is making a comeback

2021 is the year of the roller skate. Read more.

Why India’s ultracheap new smartphone is critical to Google’s future

Like other U.S. tech giants, Google is betting on a partnership with Indian telecom phenom Reliance Jio to unlock its single most important emerging market. Read more.

work life
4 mental shifts that make taking vacation less stressful

Think you can’t get away? You’re probably thinking about it wrong. Read more.

Fight horrible open office noise with these gorgeous acoustic panels

These sound absorption tiles use algorithms to translate images into felt material designed to absorb unwanted office sound. Read more.

How to speak up to HR about DEI
On this week’s episode of Hit the Ground Running, we talk to our own Chief People Officer about how junior employees can speak up about DEI issues and more.
Knock, knock. Who’s there? ​​​​​​
A new survey from Civic Science reveals almost half of consumers have not heard of Nextdoor, the social media app for neighbors. 
The survey comes as the company plans to go public, merging with a SPAC managed by Khosla Ventures at an expected valuation of $4.3 billion. 
The survey of 4,802 people was conducted last week. It also showed that 15% of respondents use Nextdoor and like it, and another 4% said they plan to use it.
According to Nextdoor, one in three American households currently use the service, which is like a locally focused Facebook.
105 Ways To Stay Calm, Carry On and De-Stress Your Day
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