Free learning option for aspiring AWS cloud architects

Android: Most dangerous messaging apps; Linux 5.14 kernel: New and exciting features coming to the release
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Aspiring AWS cloud architects have a new free learning option on Twitch

A six-week course will help people prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification.

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The most dangerous messaging apps on Android

Linux 5.14 kernel: New and exciting features coming to the release

Vulnerability in Schneider Electric PLCs allows for undetectable remote takeover

New phishing attack SpoofedScholars targets professors and writers specializing in the Middle East

Thinking of the cloud as a cost-saving tool puts businesses at a disadvantage, Accenture finds

PwC: The "imperative" for 5G and broadband post-pandemic

Report: Most essential US businesses are cloud-ready

How Google used machine learning to dramatically improve chip design

The latest trends in DevOps: Infrastructure-as-code, automation and the importance of communication

How to get started with Microsoft's Azure Purview

How to add mouse cursor highlighter apps to Windows 10

How to use Power Query to display a list of duplicate values or records in Excel

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Feature comparison: Time tracking software and systems

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Business leader as developer: The rise of no-code and low-code software

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