Matchmaking For Niche Site Investors And Operators 🔥

Where can lonely website investors meet hungry website operators?

Sam Bass, my podcast guest this week, has built the perfect platform for this match to be made. It’s called Chief Operators and they’re “Connecting pre-vetted, experienced website operators with investors.”

Chief Operators is a community where those who have money to invest but don’t actually want to run a site can partner with experienced operators who will manage and grow the site.

Sam states that right now in the current climate there is an abundance of investors and not nearly enough qualified operators.

In the interview, Sam shares what makes someone a qualified website operator - because obviously there isn’t a degree in running niche sites yet!

He talks about:

  • what skill sets they need
  • what they actually do as an operator and day to day to grow a business

Read, watch, or listen to the podcast with Sam Bass here.

You’ll hear more about why and how he started Chief Operators and how you can possibly be matched with either an investor or an operator.

Sumo Day Is On Now

The first-ever ‘Sumo Day’ has begun - see all the current deals here!

For 72 hours from noon CDT on July 13 until noon July 16, AppSumo is “making it rain amazing products, discounts, surprises, and giveaways” on their customers.

It’s going to be an annual event where we can get access to extra special deals on software and other digital products and services.

This year they are also giving away a ton of AppSumo Merch including stickers, hats, and t-shirts. And seven lucky winners will even score a new 24” iMac!

This first Sumo Day has kicked off to a good start and there are plenty of good deals listed already.

Check out the discounts on products in the marketing, productivity, sales, course creator, and web developer categories.

Visit AppSumo here to view the latest and greatest offers available now on Sumo Day.

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