Kotlin Weekly #259


ISSUE #259

18th of July 2021


Useful Kotlin Idioms You Should Know
This blog post highlights some good places to start on the path to learning idiomatic Kotlin.

Solving Advent of Code Puzzles in Idiomatic Kotlin
To help the community learn idiomatic Kotlin some folks at JetBrains have decided to prepare solutions for the tasks from Advent of Code 2020. Check them out in this link.

Keeping public API in check with the Kotlin binary validator plugin
In this article by Marton Braun you'll learn what the Kotlin binary validator plugin does, how to set up and configure it, and how you can use it to make your library project better.

JUnit Coroutines Runner
Vasya Drobushkov realised that most of the test for coroutines start with runBlockingTest, and he decided to improve it.

How to build an XCFramework on Kotlin Multiplatform
Marco Gomiero writes about how we can build a XCFramework with KMP.

Deploying Ktor Web Service on AWS EC2
This article basically talks about how do we go about deploying a Ktor web service on an AWS EC2 instance running Ubuntu / any linux distro.

Consider extracting non-essential parts of your API into extensions
New excerpt from the book Effective Kotlin, on when should we extract non-essential parts of our APIs into extensions.


Machine learning for voice made easy with Kotlin
Why don’t more Kotlin apps use voice? Machine learning for voice is hard, and existing solutions are clunky and rigid. So we open-sourced an Android library (also Node, Python, iOS, & React Native), and built a no-code web tool to make custom wake words, speech recognizers, and AI voices—for all devs!



Kotlin in Education
In this episode of Talking Kotlin Ksenia Shneyveys, the Kotlin Manager for Education and University Relations at JetBrains, talks about the current state and future of Kotlin in academia.

The Developers' Bakery - Deep-clean with Sebastiano Poggi
In this new episode. Sebastiano Poggi talks about his script deep-clean and many other things.


Roboto brings the Android Community together (at home!) in September!
September 27-28, join speakers and attendees from around the world to talk, network, and learn. Two days packed with talks, birds of a feather get togethers, and much more! Watch Party tickets available for teams and groups that want to watch together.


A functional Kotlin library to serialize/deserialize Json fast and safely without using reflection, annotations or code generation.

Apollo Android v3.0.0-alpha01
Apollo Android 3 rewrites a lot of the internals to be Kotlin first and support a multiplatform cache. It also has performance improvements, new codegen options, support for multiple client directives and much more.


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