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The deadly terrorist attack on Kabul airport is a grim reminder that Afghanistan will remain a global problem long after America leaves, and that the Taliban isn’t totally in charge on the ground. President Joe Biden vowed to strike against the extremist group while sticking by his plan to continue the U.S. evacuation through Aug. 31. To avoid a civil war, the Taliban will have to deal with influential warlords and ethnic groups. And Hal Brands writes in Bloomberg Opinion that while Biden can leave Afghanistan, he can’t escape the Middle East.

What you’ll want to read this weekend

Inoculation still provides powerful protection against Covid-19, but concern isgrowing that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought. Maybe U.S. airlines should demand health passes for anyone taking a flight, Brooke Sutherland writes in Bloomberg Opinion.

The global supply crunch will get a whole lot worse before it gets better. It’s affecting everything from McDonald’s milkshakes to golf balls. And one of the world’s busiest ports needs at least a week to get back to normal after shutting down when a worker was diagnosed with Covid. 

Cathie Wood remains bullish on Tesla and what she calls the “massive transformation” toward electric vehicles, just as Amazon-backed electric truck maker Rivian is coming to the market at an $80 billion valuation. But Germany’s massive auto-parts industry is struggling with the once-in-a-generation shift.

Rivian’s R1T electric pickup truck.

Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

The work from home revolution is likely here to stay: Spending just one day a week at home would lift U.S. productivity by about 5%, according to one study. Apple’s Tim Cook is set to collect about $750 million as part of his original deal to take over for Steve Jobs.

Everyone needs a vacation, including the Finnish prime minister who touted her monthlong holiday. For anyone wanting to mess around on the water, look no further than this hydrofoil from Sweden.

The Candela C-8 hydrofoil speedboat.

Candela Speed Boat AB

What you’ll need to know next week

  • The U.S. military faces its Aug. 31 deadline to quit Afghanistan.
  • Jobs data provides another health check on the U.S. economy.
  • OPEC+ ministers meet in Vienna with oil demand waning.
  • Carrie Lam leads Hong Kong’s Belt and Road Summit
  • The U.S. Open tournament will have no Serena, Rafa or Roger.

What you’ll want to read in Businessweek

The Family Feud Behind a Weight-Loss Camp

For five decades, the children at Camp Shane shed pounds, made friends and found romance in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The camp inspired the 1995 Disney film Heavyweights and was featured in BBC and MTV documentaries. But behind the scenes, a fierce succession drama was playing out.

Nelson Jancaterino (fourth from right, in 2013) says he was asked to write glowing reviews from a nearby McDonald’s so they couldn’t be traced to Camp Shane’s IP address. 

Photographer: Source: Nelson Jancaterino

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