Bloomberg - Evening Briefing - Abortion law blowback

Texas is now home to the strictest abortion law in the U.S., triggering a warning from women’s-rights advocates that it signals the potential end of the landmark case Roe v. Wade. It appears to many to be a question of when, not if, a woman’s right to choose will be eliminated as we know it under the current U.S. Supreme Court. But as Noah Feldman writes in Bloomberg Opinion, no one is certain how things will pan out. The Texas law, a long-sought victory by the Republican Party, could actually complicate GOP efforts to stem its 2020 losses of college-educated suburban voters. And the judicial process that allowed the state’s six-week abortion limit to take effect has given further impetus to calls to expand a Supreme Court on which President Joe Biden’s predecessor was able to place three very conservative judges. Biden railed at the court’s 5-4 decision not to intercede, calling it an assault on women’s rights.

What you’ll want to read this weekend

The U.S. economy is doing a lot worse than was expected a few months ago, thanks largely to the crushing blow dealt by the delta variant of Covid-19. High-frequency charts signal consumers are cautious again, and Bloomberg Graphics shows which industries are hiring—and which aren’t. Meanwhile, states are trying to figure out how to spend $200 billion of direct aid provided under Biden’s pandemic rescue package.

A dearth of workers worldwide is shaking up food supply chains, while a single Covid-19 case was enough to expose the vulnerabilities of Toyota’s just-in-time inventory system. Forget finance—supply-chain management is the new must-have degree.

One of the men behind the big short of the 2008 financial crisis hasn’t identified his next big trade, but he’s made clear it won’t be crypto. Tennis star Naomi Osaka is potentially a fan, though. And Bill Gross, the former chief of Pimco, rates bonds no better than trash.

Naomi Osaka 

Photographer: Sarah Stier/Getty Images North America

The old norms of weather no longer apply. The aftermath of Hurricane Ida is still hurting Louisiana, and New York City learned some tragic lessons of its own. Out west, the fire tearing through Northern California has shown Lake Tahoe may not be a work-from-home paradise after all.

Apple’s next-generation smartwatch will jam even more data onto your wrist, and Dyson may be designing a robot that can climb stairs. If kitty litter or cashmere is on your shopping list, here are some eco-conscious options.

What you’ll need to know next week

  • Key U.S. pandemic jobless benefits are set to expire.
  • The European Central Bank debates winding down stimulus.
  • Europe holds its first car show since the coronavirus struck.
  • Embattled Bolsonaro to join Brazil Independence Day protests.
  • The NFL’s regular season begins as Tampa Bay faces Dallas.

What you’ll want to read in Businessweek Guy Eyes a Utopian Megalopolis

Marc Lore founded two e-commerce startups and sold them for a combined $3.85 billion before spending five years running Walmart’s online shopping division. Now he’s pondering what he considers the biggest challenge facing America, Bloomberg Businessweek reports: the country’s massive wealth gap. “Let the people own the land!” Lore says. “But in a capitalistic way.”

Marc Lore

Photographer: Peter Hurley

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