Silicon Valley Funding News - Week of October 11, 2021. Tekion (Automotive Retail Cloud) raised $250M Series D

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Happy Monday! 

2021 is becoming a blockbuster year for venture and startup investing with over $158.2B in funding in just this quarter.  I enjoyed reading this CBInsights State of Venture report.  Sequoia Capital China is the new #1 investor by the number and completed 96 deals in 90 days. That’s 1.5 deals per business day!  With a total of 848 unicorns now on the planet, the industry is on fire! 

Kari McMahon from Business Insider wrote a nice profile piece on Race Capital. =)  Reflecting on what I have learned as an investor over these past 7 years:

  • As an investor, we are only as good as the next investment we make.
  • Our past glory can get us access, but does not mean you deserve to invest.
  • Investing in seed stage is about getting comfortable with feeling very uncomfortable and investing in things that you don't understand. If you want to understand 100%, then better to focus on later stage investment
  • The future will be created by founders who are literally half your age. =) You better get used to it.
  • Investing is only a small part of the venture business. Portfolio management, portfolio support, taking care of partners, LPs and founders take discipline, love and care.
  • FOMO is our worst enemy.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Otherwise you may either get a heart attack or become an asshole.
I still consider myself as a baby VC.  What are your thoughts? 

P.S. Race Capital portfolio companies are hiring!  Check out our job board

P.P.S. Catherine Shu from Techcrunch was able to join FoundersHK Demo day last week and wrote up a great summary on all of the companies.  

This week a total of 2startups raised $1.0483B in funding, M&As:

  • $179.8M goes to 10 Enterprise startups
  • $7.3M goes to 2 HR startups
  • $7M goes to 1 Mobile startup
  • $2.4M goes to 1 eCommerce startup
  • $120.6M goes to 4 FinTech startups
  • $115M goes to 2 Insurance startups
  • $180.5M goes to 3 Healthcare startups
  • $260.7M goes to 2 Automotive startups
  • $175M goes to 3 Transportation startups
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