We’ve come a long way, but we’re not done yet. Let’s get back to work. 

By this point, you should have a clearer vision for yourself and your brand, and what you have to offer to the great wide world. 

Now, the question is, who are the people in that world that you want to talk to? Your customers –– you know, those lovely people who will trade their money for your stuff. 

Any chance that right now, these people are a floating amorphous blob in your head? Are they nameless and faceless, and resemble some kind of scary abstract painting? Or maybe just a sketched out stick figure?

I don’t say this to conjure up fodder for nightmares, although you can feel free to blame me if that’s the case. I point this out because many people don’t know who exactly they are talking to. 

These days, instead of megaphoning to bottomless crowds, the best kind of content whispers into the ears of your best friends –– the people who know you and the people who get it. 

You just have to find them first. In order to do that, you need to know what they look like, inside and out. 
  • Need some help finding clues in your questionnaire to clarify your client and customers?
  • Describe the qualities of your client (question 13). Go beyond demographics –– what do they like to do for fun? Who do they hang out with? What websites do they have bookmarked? Most importantly, what sets them apart from other similar people who would not be a good fit for your business (question 19)?
  • Why does your customer care about what you do? In other words, why would your ideal customer want to write you a thank you note after working with you? What improvement have you made in their lives? (questions 14, 15, 16) 
  • What’s your desired outcome for your customer after they work with you? How will they feel, work, or live differently? Will they be more inspired? Focused? Informed? (question 17) 
Have fun dreaming up your perfect match…. Customer match, that is. I’ll give you some time to dive in and touch base with you soon. 

~ Elisa