Three days in and we're staying with the super easy questions.

Who are you?
I get it. It feels like I might as well ask you to tell me the meaning of life or the origins of the universe.

But you've already got all the answers to this question! You just don't know it... yet.

Let's go back to that Voice and Vision Questionnaire. There are over thirty thought-out responses there for us to pull information from.

This doesn't have to be some epic manifesto. In fact, the shorter and more concise, the better. It should drill down to the essence of who you REALLY are, not a bunch of flowery platitudes of who you think you should be.

Need some help finding clues in your questionnaire to clarify your Voice:
  • Are you funny? Authoritative? Serious? Academic? Conversational?
  • What are those words you used to describe your business/brand at the end of the questionnaire (question 31)?
  • How did you write about your writing on the questionnaire (questions 20-28)? Meta, I know, but the what you want your writing to be might just be hidden in how you write about what you want your writing to be. (Ok, maybe it isn't so secret...)
  • What about your business/brand gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • Do you like to use lots of ...'s? How about these guys: — ?? Short sentences? Long paragraphs?
  • Prefer to tell your own stories, or do you like showcasing other examples and citations?
  • Why did you get into this?
I'll see you there ~ Elisa

PS - That whole "Why did you get into this?" question is gonna play a BIG part in your exercises for the next few days. If you don't have a lot to work with on your answer there, then you should probably spend some time jumping back to that question.