Let’s talk about small talk. 

Think for a second –– when was the last time you asked someone the typical and innocent question, “So, what do you do?” 

Ten minutes later, and they are still talking. “How could someone be this into their job?” you think. 

Truth is, when someone is ignited with excitement for their work, they could talk for hours. These people aren’t just punching in and out (do people still do that?) –– they’re on a mission. 

And so are you. 

When you write content, you have a goal. You might think it’s just to make those dollar dollar bills flow into your bank account, but that’s not the real mission; that’s the result of the mission. (Is your mind blown yet?) 

In order to really wow people with your content, they need to feel your why seeping through your work. If your why is purely money, guess what? It shows.

So today, we’re gonna nail down your content’s true purpose. 

Let’s touch back to that V&V questionnaire that you’ve already poured your heart and soul into (right?). Take another look at your answers and see where it really shows what motivates you to create the content you do. 
  • What kind of problems or frustrations have you or others experienced that your content seeks to solve (question 6)? Do you provide how-to’s? Guides? Thought-provoking essays? 
  • What brings you excitement about your content? What puts those little sparkles in your eyes when you think about what you do (question 10)? 
  • Imagine you’re writing the obituary for your business –– sounds dark, but pretend you’re looking back at what your business accomplished in its lifetime. How did it change the world (question 16)?
  • When was the last time you found yourself gushing about your content? What were you talking about specifically and why were you so pumped about it (question 24)? 
Why do all of this? Because companies that understand and communicate their missions are the ones that rise above the noise. 

(Psst! Are you ultra committed to setting your business apart from the rest? Level up your Voice & Vision game –– book a one-on-one consultation with me.)

See you on the other side. 

~ Elisa