Initiator Creator - Initiator Creator - Issue 82

Initiator Creator - Issue #82

By Saurabh Y. // 14 November 2021

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Why SOLID principles are still the foundation for modern software architecture - StackOverflow

While computing has changed a lot in the 20 years since the SOLID principles were conceived, they are still the best practices for designing software.

Hydrogen: Shopify's opinionated framework for building headless ecommerce - Shopify

Hydrogen's React-based framework for building custom storefronts on Shopify gives you everything you need to start fast, build fast, and deliver the best personalized shopping experiences.

Record, replay and measure user flows - Chrome

Jecelyn Yeen introduces User Flows support in Chrome DevTools and Lighthouse to help you record, replay, and measure interactions beyond page load.

The shape of software - Brian Lovin

Brian Lovin, founder of shared his experience of redesigning his personal website because it's just so over the top, and so over engineered.

Software Estimation Is Hard. Do It Anyway. - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

It's well-established that estimating software projects is hard. But one major “secret” to advancing in a technical career is learning how to give accurate estimates.


History of Icons - History of Icons

A visual brief on icon history through different graphical user interfaces in different operating systems.

Email Design Trends for 2022 - Designmodo

Top trends in email design for 2022 to remain on top of the game and help your business advance instead of stagnate.

Curves and Surfaces - Bartosz Ciechanowski

From fonts to animated movies, curves and surfaces constitute fundamental building blocks of many geometrical designs.

The Golden Ratio and User-Interface Design - NN/g

Although traditionally used in art and architecture, the golden ratio can be referenced to design aesthetically pleasing interfaces.

Practical Guide to Web Animation - Tilda

The guide introduces web animation techniques with examples and tips on how to use them.


Types of Leadership Styles - Foundr

There is plenty of research attempting to label leadership styles, like the six styles of leadership outlined by Daniel Goleman, but the best type of leadership style is the one that aligns with your personality and is most effective.

Optimize Your Twitter Profile - 6 Real Examples From Growth Gurus - Indiehackers

Timo Juhani analyzed 6 amazing Twitter profiles from real growth gurus and summarized the learnings to a short visual guide.

Is your project too human-centric? - UX Collective

A successful product innovation fulfills the “three lenses of innovation”: desirability, viability, and feasibility. If your innovation process emphasizes one of them over the others, it is likely to fail spectacularly.

The 4 Scenarios of Startup Timing - Medium

The factor that determines most of the outcome of your startup is the one you have the least control over: Timing.

Expensive, boring, and wrong: Here are all the news publications people canceled and why - NiemanLab

Here are all 503 responses Nieman Lab's got to their survey on why people cancel their news subscriptions.


25 Tips That Will Help You Promote on Reddit - Serpstat

The Reddit community has its own set of written and unwritten rules. In this article, Stacy Mine, Editorial Head at Serpstat, shared some tips and maybe help you with promoting on Reddit.

How to Manipulate Customers … Ethically - Harvard Business Review

As the influence of behavioral economics has grown, companies have increasingly been adopting “nudges” to influence how users of their products or services make choices. But nudges — changes in how choices are presented or set up to influence people to select specific ones — can have troubling consequences.

Online communities at every stage of the startup journey - GummySearch

By tapping into these communities, a product maker or business owner can grow alongside the community, serving its members and themselves at the same time. No matter the size of your venture, here are the 5 stages at which you can leverage online communities to advance your business.

Interesting Read

The best books every aspiring writer must read - Ghost

Great writing can change the world. And even if your ambitions are less grand, solid writing skills will help you and your business reach its goals.

Authority bias: when we irrationally trust the judgement of experts - Ness Labs

The authority bias is a shortcut our brains use to save time and energy making decisions. Of course, placing trust in credible experts is a reasonable thing to do. However, problems arise when we rely too heavily on this heuristic.

Community Submissions

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Debit Card Illustrations

In a series of SVG debit card animations, Tom uses GreenSock to animate SVG paths and shapes smoothly.


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