Initiator Creator - Initiator Creator - Issue 79

Initiator Creator - Issue #79

By Saurabh Y. // 16 October 2021


Google Dev Library - Google

A dev library to showcase of what developers have built with Google technologies.

Cash: An absurdly small jQuery alternative - Github

Cash is an absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers (IE11+) that provides jQuery-style syntax for manipulating the DOM. Utilizing modern browser features to minimize the codebase, developers can use the familiar chainable methods at a fraction of the file size.

I keep making things out of checkboxes - Brain Braun

Something happened earlier this year where I got on a run making checkbox animations and just couldn’t stop.

20 Things I've Learned in my 20 Years as a Software Engineer - Simple Thread

"My experiences over the last 20 years have shaped how I view software, and have led me to some beliefs which I’ve tried to whittle down to a manageable list that I hope you find valuable." - Justin Etheredge

How to win at CORS - Jake Archibald

CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) is hard. It's hard because it's part of how browsers fetch stuff, and that's a set of behaviours that started with the very first web browser over thirty years ago.


Offboarding: Saying goodbye with grace - UX Collective

Offboardings are just as critical as onboardings and should be given just as much attention, if not more.

The 25 Most Iconic Book Covers in History - Lithub

First things first. What makes a book cover iconic? There are no hard and fast rules, of course—like anything else, you know it when you see it.

3dicons - Open source 3D icon library - 3dicons

3dicons library offers beautifully designed open-source 3D icons. This file has been released as CC0, and so it is free to copy, modify, remix, share, and redraw for any kind of project, both personal and commercial.

Sharp Type co-founders on navigating the aesthetic zeitgeist of typography - It's nice that

We sat down with Chantra Malee and Lucas Sharp of Sharp Type to discuss trends in type design, building a rapport with clients, and more.


The science-backed value of boredom at work - Atlassian

Why an “anti-power hour” just might lead to your team’s next breakthrough.

Product Zeitgeist Fit: A Cheat Code for Startup Success - A16Z

The fact is that people need a different motivation to try something new, something that connects with them emotionally rather than functionally. It’s a seemingly simple idea can create powerful business advantages, a concept I call product zeitgeist fit (PZF): when a product resonates with the mood of the times.

Just because your product is "enterprise ready" doesn't mean it's any good - Airplane

Having every box checked on that website still won't result in a high-quality enterprise product. Deeper enterprise design moves past the superficial requirements and understands the different needs and workflows of larger organizations.

102 Six-Figure Creators Give Their Best Tip for Aspiring Creators - Gumroad

For aspiring creators, knowing what to sell and how to start can be overwhelming. And the path to success can be daunting. 102 successful Gumroad creators shared their best advice to those one or two rungs below them on the ladder.

A Primer on the Parasocial Economy - Every

This primer will discuss how a variety of creator platforms—YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, OnlyFans, Patreon, and many more—have built features and entire platforms that encourage parasocial relationships between creators and their fans, enriching themselves and passing some of that wealth to creators, too.


The Content Value Curve - Animalz

For a piece of content to be successful, it must avoid trying to fulfill multiple objectives for its audience. Instead, that piece of content should focus on enabling its target audience to do one thing—not two things or many things.

60 ideas to boost your growth - Lenny's newsletter

A collection of 60 examples of successful Turbo Boosts—one-off events that temporarily accelerate growth for companies large and small—to inspire you to come up with something special of your own.

Knowing when to use "How to"​ versus "Why to"​ content - Linkedin

If you have to explain an answer, a process, or a feature more than ONE time, it should likely be a piece of content you need to create to use for future customers.

Interesting Read

Things I've quit doing at my desk - Justin Jackson

We do all sorts of activities at our desks that affect our ability to produce our best work.

How to harness the power of self-affirmation - Ness Labs

self-affirmation theory suggests that reflecting on our personal values, we are less likely to experience distress when confronted with information that threatens our sense of self.

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Js13kGames Winner

Js13kGames is a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game developers.


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