Klarna has made 75 staff millionaires 👀

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Cop26 is over and it saw a strong presence of banks, insurers and PE firms... but barely any VCs. Yikes! Read below to find out why. Also see:
  • The 75 employees made millionaires by Klarna
  • European metaverse companies to watch
  • How to avoid internal comms breaking down 


Klarna has turned 75 employees into millionaires

The mega Swedish fintech — which is valued at $46bn — is not only making its investors and founders rich. Its employees are big winners too.

That’s according to a Sifted analysis of its 2021 shareholder book, which revealed how many shares Klarna employees and alumni have banked.

So how much equity did they need to get so rich?

Get an inside look here.

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The European metaverse companies to watch, according to investors and founders

With Mark Zuckerberg spending billions to turn Facebook into a metaverse company and Disney announcing metaverse plans, it's clear that the market is hot stuff.

And because it's all so new, there's oodles of room for startups to grow in a range of areas like VR, games development and software.

But which European metaverse startups do investors in the field think you should have on your radar?

Maija Palmer finds out.

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Where were the VCs at Cop26?

When Five Seasons Ventures' Dr Micol Chiesa and 2150's Christian Jølck arrived at Cop26, something was amiss. Other than Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Initiative, there were no VC firms on the list of events as keynote speakers or VC-focused events.

Here's why this can't happen again.

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How to avoid internal comms breaking down

Keeping everyone on your team on the same page as the company grows is no piece of cake — but it's really, really important.

Luckily Charlotte Chorley, who heads up communications at Healx, the Cambridge-based biotech startup, has some advice for us all.

Get six golden tips here.

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How Spanish startups are reversing the country’s brain drain

Spain's startup scene isn't too shabby. With a value of €46bn, it's home to unicorns Glovo and Cabify, yet 87,000 skilled workers have left over the last decade citing a lack of opportunities or in search of better wages, job offers and quality of life.

But things are changing: employment has exceeded 20m people for the first time since 2008, thanks in part to a new generation of founders and the organisations supporting them. Young talent especially is flooding back into the ecosystem.

Here's why.

News That Matters

🇺🇸 Getir expands stateside. The grocery delivery company — which is valued at $7.5bn — now wants to mimic its European success in the US, announcing on Thursday that it has launched operations in Chicago and plans to expand into New York and Boston.

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