This Week at YC: Two IPOs In One Day! 🎉

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🚚 Embark Trucks' (W16) Road to IPO
Congratulations Alex, Brandon and the entire team at Embark Trucks on the IPO! From three 19-20-yr.-olds building the first self-driving vehicle in Canada, to building a billion dollar company, YC President Geoff Ralston reflects on Embark's road to IPO.

🧶Weave (W14) Goes Public
Congrats to Brandon, Jordan, Clint, and everyone at Weave on going public! Weave's extraordinary success is a testament to their hard work, resilience, and grit. Read Geoff's story of their journey from YC to public offering.

🆈 Y Combinator is Hiring
YC is hiring across many of our teams, including Admissions, Continuity, Software, People Ops and Finance. Come join our team!

Top Posts on Hacker News
The bullet effects in Terminator 2 weren’t CGI (
• Show HN: Long Range E-Bike (
How my genius roommate changed my perspective (
The gradual extinction of softness (
Show HN: I'm 48 and finally learning how to be a game developer (
We saved millions in SSD costs by upgrading our filesystem (
Aaron Swartz Rememberance Day This Monday

Jobs at YC Startups 
• Release (YC W20) Is Hiring a Director of Product Management
• Emerge Tools (YC W21) is hiring to build the future of mobile performance
• Etleap (YC W13) Is Hiring an Integrations Engineer (remote)
• Litnerd (YC S21) Is Hiring a Children's Book Editor
• Talyn Air (YC W20) Is Hiring

From the YC Community
The first ride, by anyone, ever, in a *driverless* robotaxi on the streets of San Francisco - Kyle Vogt (Cruise, W14)
Helion Energy (S14) secures $2.2B to commercialize fusion energy
The Best of SaaS at Y Combinator: A Deep Dive with the CEOs of Gusto, Amplitude and Plangrid
• Podium’s (W16) valuation doubles to $3B in latest round led by YC Continuity
The attributes a successful startup founder must have - Vivian Shen (Juni, W18)
The first ever 3D-printed community. Nacajuca, Mexico. - Brett Hagler (New Story, S15)

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