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"Season's Greetings to our community! We're seeing a banner year for Small Business Saturday, with record spending — including increased online spending, while Black Friday showed a downtrend in digital sales. Meanwhile, Google's core update came on like a blizzard and we've got the best early analysis for you here. Noticed the huge number of indented SERPs for your core terms? Moz's own Dr. Pete shows you how to track them."

- Miriam Ellis, Local Subject Matter Expert, Moz

The Beginner's Guide to Link Building

What We're Reading:

We're Turning Off AMP Pages at Search Engine Land

Amid Google's AMP antitrust scandal and announcements, this is a timely traffic study.

How to Measure the Quality of Your SEO Traffic Using Google Analytics

Onboard new SEO team members with this excellent step-by-step guide to identifying your best traffic in GA.

Track Indented Results in STAT

Up to 40% of queries now generate indented SERPs, and Dr. Pete teaches you how to track and analyze this feature.

Google’s November 2021 Core Update Hit Fast and Hard; Here is What the Data Providers Saw

Barry Schwartz captures industry reactions to this big core update, and advises negatively impacted site owners to step back and strategize.

Google November 2021 Core Update: Winners, Losers & Analysis

Lily Ray runs early analysis on which sites gained and lost most ground following Google's latest update.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Carve Your Path in the SEO Industry

Find your career niche with this thoughtful presentation from Christina LeVasseur.


American Express’ 12th Annual Small Business Saturday® Reaches an All-Time High with an Estimated $23.3 Billion in U.S. Consumer Reported Spending

Positive gains for SBS over 2020, plus good stats on the enthusiasm created by this marketing phenomenon.


GMB to GBP: 3 Invitations for Google to Alter Their Indifference towards SMBs

Miriam Ellis encourages Google to build a better world by treating valiant local business owners as a priority instead of an afterthought.


Apple Maps: The Road to Discovery (Part 1)

The wise will follow Mike Blumenthal's two-part journey through the emerging Apple Maps landscape.





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