- Get 1% better...

Yesterday, I started reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.

In the very first chapter, there are a couple of powerful principles that you can apply to your life to develop better habits and systems for personal improvement.

However, I also believe you can apply these same principles to your business and even your websites.

So, here's the deal, major improvements...noticeable improvements (like major weight loss, increased wealth, or even higher ranking websites) don't happen overnight.

Minor changes, almost imperceptible changes in our habits, lifestyle, and workflows start small and then compound over time.

The scale doesn't move tomorrow because we decided to eat one less cookie today. However, in a year from now our weight can potentially be changed significantly if we change our eating or exercise habits by a small 1% change each day.

Can you get 1% better today?

A 1% change is small and easy to make, but you have to be consistant to finally see those "breakthrough moments" in your business or personal life.

"Breakthrough moments are often the result of many previous actions, which build up the potential required to unleash a major change. This pattern shows up everywhere.

Bamboo can barely be seen for the first five years as it builds extensive root systems underground before EXPLODING ninety feet in to the air within six weeks." - James Clear

Are you ready to have a breakthrough moment for your business or your website?

I think it's valuable to think about this idea of becoming 1% better for your website.

This could be doing a minor audit each week and fixing broken links or low value pages.

Getting 1% better could be tweaking your site structure slightly or A/B testing your email optins.

When I think about a bamboo growing for 5 years underground in order to develop strong root systems, I can't help but also think of a website building a solid internal link structure over time.

If you haven't built the habit of adding internal links to a new article you've published, you'll end up with lots of pages with no internal links over time.

However, if you can just get "1% better" at building internal links, you'll have a website that is well connected, easy to crawl, and have a higher potential to rank well in Google.

As I've been thinking about year end goals, I've decided to do something special for everyone that is interested in getting Link Whisper, my internal link building plugin.

Starting today and running through December 31st, Link Whisper will be $25 off when you use discount code "YearEnd".

You can get $25 off Link Whisper right here.

Even if you aren't interested in using Link Whisper to make building internal links faster and easier, I hope that you can still apply some of the principles shared in this email.

So, how will you get 1% better today?

Thanks again,


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