Lawyer quits her job to build niche websites

Interested in hearing how (and why) a former lawyer quit her day to make money online?

Now she has built numerous websites and never looked back!

Well, today’s guest on the podcast is Emilia Gardner!

And she share's her story...

Accountability and sustainability are top of the bill, as are her thoughts about the tangible and intangible benefits of website creation.

The interview goes into detail about a website she created just over 11 months ago, and in particular the Youtube case study she has created around the website.

Listen, Read, or Watch Emilia's Story Right Here

Emilia provides an inside view of the process for creating the site. She details the number of articles, traffic stats, and the revenue the site has earned to date.

In addition to the above, the interview also covers the following:

  • Siloing and content research
  • The dangers of Facebook groups
  • Outsourcing
  • Investing
  • Selling websites
  • Plus much more!

Watch, Read, or listen to the interview with Emily Garner right here.

Hot Off the Niche Pursuits Press...

My team and I have been publishing more and more content on to help educate and inspire you as you build your online business.

Here's just a few of the articles published this week that you might find interesting:

What are the Best AI Content Generators, and When Should You Use Them?

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How to Build an Email List Without a Website (Plus Some Tools to Help)

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The 20 Easiest WordPress Themes...

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A Great Selection Of Websites For Sale To Suit All Budgets

Are you looking to buy or sell a website?

Motion Invest currently has a selection of websites for sale to suit all budgets ranging from $5110 to $654,906.

The websites cover a wide variety of niche markets from technology to outdoor and garden.

Take the hose pipe niche as an example.

We currently have a website listed for sale that sells hose pipes and accessories.

The website is less than two years old, ranks for over 900 keywords, and earns $254 per month from the Amazon Associates program.

With possibilities to branch out to include other garden related products, you can see why this listing has room to grow.

You can view the listing here.

You can read more about buying and selling your website, the verification process, and view the complete listings of 18 websites by clicking here.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thanks again,


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