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Tip of the Day:

Have a guest room? Sleep in it a few nights to make sure the room and bed are comfortable for your guests.

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January 14, 2022

Tip of the Day

Have a guest room? Sleep in it a few nights to make sure the room and bed are comfortable for your guests.


Happy Friday! If the New Year (and the extra time the weekend affords) has you thinking about fixing, tidying, and improving things, we have a bunch of stuff for you to take a peek at. Tired of your shower drain running slow? Fix it for good with these tips and tools. Tired of losing your keys? Here’s why you need a “drop zone” in your home. Decluttering? You need to use this find-the-donation-location-first trick—and speaking of that, if you’re decluttering bras read this first.

Speaking of stuff to peek at, here’s a look at the highlights of the last week:

As for water cooler trivia? Here’s an interesting historical coincidence. January 14 is both the birthday of the infamous American Revolutionary war traitor Benedict Arnold (1741) and the day the Treaty of Paris was ratified (1784), officially ending the Revolutionary War.

– Jason

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