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“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.” ― Robert Burns, To A Mouse

Elisa’s Thought for the Week

Hi friend! I’m back with weekly snippets of writing thoughts. Sometimes they get a bit longer than a snippet, but that happens rarely — promise!

This week, I’m playing a guessing game about YOU.


Picture it. Sicily. (Or wherever you might be on this planet.) 2021.

You said all throughout the year that you wished you were writing more.
…that you wished you knew what you wanted to write about.
…that you had a plan and process for sitting your butt in a chair and knocking your Great National Opus.

In all those thoughts and wishes, you muttered to yourself “I’ll do this more in 2022.”

Now it’s the end of January. 2022.

And you still aren’t writing more. You still don’t know what to write about. You still aren’t sitting your butt in a chair and knocking out your Great National Opus.

What are you going to do about it?

But really. I want to know! Please hit REPLY if you have goals and dreams for your writing plans in 2022. What are they? How are you getting there? What do you want to achieve and accomplish?

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Weekly Writing Tip …

A quick chance to learn from the masters.

Being a reader is sort of like being president, except reading involves fewer state dinners, usually. You have this agenda you want to get through, but you get distracted by life events, e.g., books arriving in the mail/World War III, and you are temporarily deflected from your chosen path. ” ― Nick Hornby, The Polysyllabic Spree

For the Upcoming Week …

Because we all need a good chuckle to start things off right!

…Poor buoy.

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Till next time!