Influence Weekly #229- Cannes X TikTok: What Motivates The New Partnership?

Influence Weekly #229
April 22nd, 2022
Executive Summary
  • Cannes X TikTok: What Motivates The New Partnership?
  • UCLA's new NIL initiative
  • Brands Won't Stick With Creators Through Pregnancy
  • Rolling Stone pivots to creators

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Great Reads

Tumi Woos Travelers And Influencers With The Launch Of Its New Fragrance
The TUMI brand is well known worldwide as the leading luggage and accessory-maker for those whose lifestyle involves world-class business, performance luxury, and of course, travel. Since 1975 Tumi has created essentials designed to upgrade the varying aspects of the jet-setter lifestyle with masterfully crafted, and functional, products.TUMI has been expanding its view on the globe-trotting man since that first stitch, including fragrances in its offering of premium luxury products.

With the launch of its latest fragrance, ATLAS, TUMI is turning back the clock for a fresh start in the world, as the time stamp in its name suggests. Teaming with the Fragrance Group, developed as the exclusive US distributor for a curated selection of prestige specialty fragrances, TUMI hosted a night to remember, co-lead by Victor Sanz, TUMI’s Creative Director, and GQ Insider and influencer Bryan Griffin. The venue was filled with media, notable tastemakers, influencers, and models who all brought a sense of flair and style to the backdrop of the NYC night sky and towering skyscrapers.

Morphe taps TikTok star Meredith Duxbury for new blush collection
Gen Z targeted make-up brand Morphe has tapped rising beauty star Meredith Duxbury to front its latest blush collection.

Boasting 14 million followers on TikTok, the 23-year-old has garnered a rapidly growing following for her make-up and skin care tutorials, which has seen her team up with brands including Maybelline and e.l.f. Cosmetics.

Now, she will be the face of Morphe's Making You Blush collection (from £12), which comprises a variety of multi-purpose skus for the face and eyes.

“Meredith Duxbury was the natural choice for us to tap to be the face of the Making You Blush Collection,” said Alison Nadel, Director of Social Media and Brand Marketing at Morphe.

“She is known by over 14 million people on TikTok as the queen of complexion and as a top beauty trend driver, she has been an amazing partner in determining how this collection comes to life.

“She’s fearless in her artistry and we’re so excited to have her join the Morphe fam.”

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Campaign Insights

Cannes X TikTok: What Motivates The New Partnership?
Along with the partnership, TikTok will perpetuate its reputation of supporting up-and-coming creators with the launch of #TikTokShortFilm, a global competition to inspire creativity and support emerging talent that has already reached 1.4bn views. These partnerships keep users on the platform by connecting them to culturally-relevant moments, and ultimately drive interest within niche internet communities.

“Exclusive media rights are nothing new,” says my colleague Jared Wall, Momentum Worldwide’s director of sponsorship consulting. “We’re seeing fiercely-contested, 10-figure battles for media rights for properties such as the English Premier League. However, we’re not used to seeing social dive into this space. With social, the next generation of these battles is the fight for content that drives consumer retention and loyalty.”

What’s exciting here is the expansion of exclusivity into the social space. It’s not just Pepsi bringing you the Super Bowl Halftime Show; becoming an exclusive social partner means groundbreaking content. An all-access pass to unscripted moments brings a VIP experience that can be shared live, with millions of active users. To sweeten the deal, exclusive rights (without competitor interference) allow TikTok to showcase itself as a cultural trendsetter.

Influencers are charging $2,000 per Instagram post from Coachella
Influencers are earning upwards of $2,000 per Instagram post from Coachella, lifestyle influencer Maryam Ghafarinia told the New York Post.

Some spend so much time there creating content that they don't get to see any of the bands, she said.

Coachella, widely considered the most starry and stylish festival, returned in 2022 back after a two-year pandemic hiatus. It is running from April 15 to 24 in the California desert.

As well as the huge names performing — the 2022 line-up includes Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and Megan Thee Stallion — A-listers in attendance include Leonardo DiCaprio, Vanessa Hudgens, and the stars of ""Riverdale.""

Coachella is also big business for influencers, with content creators vying for collaboration invitations from brands.

"Everyone is there and wants to make a deal and wants to be with the best brands, and the brands want as many influencers as possible to be part of their 'activations' … so they'll actively recruit influencers,"" Mae Karwowski, CEO of influencer marketing agency Obviously, told the Post.

UCLA's new NIL initiative aims to connect athletes directly with local businesses
Westwood Exchange will allow businesses, donors, fans and alumni to register with the school so that they can connect directly with athletes seeking NIL deals that could include autograph sessions, private lessons in their respective sports, public appearances, athletic camps and social media promotion, among other possibilities. The initiative is expected to be centered on small, local businesses that want to engage UCLA athletes and could be especially beneficial in landing deals for those who compete in lower-profile sports.

“We are excited to add Westwood Exchange to our NIL programming,” UCLA athletic director Martin Jarmond said. “This streamlined process enables alumni, fans and local business to engage with our student-athletes like never before. Exchange gives our student-athletes direct access to Bruin Nation and vice versa.""

After registering, businesses or individuals can contact athletes through a portal listing those interested in seeking NIL deals. The portal also facilitates payment and issues compliance documents in addition to tax forms the athletes will need to disclose their income. 

“It’s going to be such an amazing platform for UCLA student-athletes to acquire great NIL opportunities,” said Shae Anderson, a UCLA sprinter who competed in the Tokyo Olympics.

CEX - Creator Economy Expo the event developed for content creators, by content creators. May 2 - 4th in Phoenix

CEX – Creator Economy Expo (May 2-4, 2022) is limited to 500 content creators…all gathering at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix to build more loyal audiences, generate substantially more revenue, become smarter at content operations, and understand new Web3 business models.
The speaking lineup is one-of-a-kind:
-        YouTube success Roberto Blake
-        New York Times best-seller Dan Pink
-        TikTok/Twitch Star Leesh Capeesh
-        Media and Writer Superstar Ann Handley
-        Instagram Phenom Wally Koval (Accidentally Wes Anderson)
-        Top Business Podcaster Jordan Harbinger
-        $100 Startup Author Chris Guillebeau
-        Web3 Expert Jeremiah Owyang
-        And nearly 40 other content entrepreneurs
If you are truly serious about the business of content and growing your content business, this is the event for you. The best networking, food/drinks and (probably) the getaway you deserve at the one-and-only Arizona Grand.

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Interesting People

Adele Conn: Food Lover, Blogger
Adele Conn of TartanSpoon, never expected her blog to explode. She started it as a way to review exciting foods and restaurants in Scotland, but it quickly became an influential food blog. In today’s interview, Adele shares her experience building TartanSpoon, working with brands, growing on social media, and adapting to constantly changing social media platforms.

Adele Conn grew up in South Africa but has spent half of her life in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she currently lives. She is a food lover, wine enthusiast, and gin guru with impressive certifications, including a Diploma Level 1 WSET in Wine and a Diploma in Gin from Edinburgh Whisky Academy. 

She started reviewing food on TripAdvisor but experienced a long approval time for her reviews, which frustrated her. They also told her that her reviews were too long and felt too much like a blog post, rather than a shorter review for their website. This led her to look at other review websites, like blogs. 

Brands Won't Stick With Creators Through Pregnancy
Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth spent more than half a decade building her brand as a style blogger and was finally working with a slate of coveted fashion and tourism brands.

She was worried that another lifelong dream, being a mother, might derail her momentum.

“I was at this very great point in my career,” Liu Hjelmeseth, who has 111,000 Instagram followers, said. “I was super scared not being able to work for a couple of months … I talked to a couple of influencer friends [who said], you’re going to see a lag in projects.”

Those fears materialized. Prior to becoming a mom in 2018, 85% of Liu Hjelmeseth’s revenue stemmed from fashion and travel brands. Soon after she announced her pregnancy, many of these partnerships suddenly went quiet.

“Some were nice about it; some ghosted,” Liu Hjelmeseth said. “We would never have any explicit reasoning … it was all too coincidental.”

For Liu Hjelmeseth, she had to switch to beauty and baby-focused brands to replenish her income. These partnerships grew to the vast majority of her revenue—between 85% and 90%—until a year ago, when her child was older (now three) and Liu Hjelmeseth started building back her fashion roster.

Who Is MrBeast? Meet the YouTuber Who Wants to Change the World
On his YouTube channel, MrBeast, Donaldson is the main character, luring his 93.9 million subscribers to lavish, high-production-value videos with brightly hued thumbnails that cost $10,000 each to produce paired with titles optimized for YouTube’s algorithm, such as “Extreme $1,000,000 Hide-and-Seek” and “World’s Most Dangerous Escape Room!” Often, the stunts have the feel of video games: That escape room is actually 10 rooms, each built around a theme, from a Kubrickian “hotel” hallway to a pastoral scene with live goats to an Indiana Jones-style moving wall loaded with spikes that closes in on contestants. A Lamborghini “race” sends three of the Italian sports cars zigzagging around town, their drivers on a hunt for clues.

Many of the stunts verge on clickbait. In “I Ate the World’s Largest Slice of Pizza,” Donaldson attempts to consume a nine-pound, six-foot-long slice. In “Spending 24 Hours Straight Underwater,” he survives being submerged for 12-plus hours in a backyard pool, his head inside a chamber rigged with an oxygen pump. Others are do-gooder content in the vein of the 1950s game show Queen for a Day, giving homeless people houses or donating $100,000 to random streamers on Twitch. In late 2020, Donaldson started the MrBeast Philanthropy channel, which contributes 100 percent of its revenue to a warehouse that operates mobile food donations throughout eastern North Carolina and reportedly delivered 1,000,563 meals by the end of 2021.

Donaldson also offers his subscribers a chance to get in on a MrBeast windfall through sweepstakes and competitions. Alex Maloney, a 20-year-old from Canada, won $100,000 by holding his finger on a MrBeast app button for more than two days straight, fueled by Uber Eats and Monster energy drinks. Maloney, who is unemployed and mulling whether to go to college, says having that money in the bank has given him a sense of security. “It was monumental. It made me feel more stable,” he says, adding that Donaldson “changes lives unbelievably.”

Industry News

Rolling Stone pivots to creators
Rolling Stone will debut its inaugural "Creators" issue Tuesday, featuring the first in-depth profile of YouTube star MrBeast. A social media celebrity has never before graced the magazine's iconic cover.

Why it matters: The company, which is now fully owned by Penske Media, had its most profitable year in two decades in 2021, according to CEO Gus Wenner.

Much of that turnaround is tied to a renewed investment in live events, which will be a central part of the company's new editorial focus on creators.

Details: In an interview, Wenner called the inaugural creators issue a "crescendo moment" for the company, which plans to invest heavily in covering creators as a part of youth culture moving forward.

In May, the outlet will host a live, in-person event in Los Angeles, sponsored by Meta, that will bring together hundreds of creators.

Wenner said Meta will help open up a pipeline of online creators with whom Rolling Stone can start to build relationships.

The new issue will also feature an exclusive interview with TikTok star Bella Poarch, as well as a deep dive into Black creators.

Instagram Product Tags Are Now Available to All Users in the US
Originally only available to approved creators, by giving everyone the capacity to provide a direct link to products and brands in their uploads, that'll encourage more users to organically share product links, while also prompting more people to click-through, and ideally, buy items in the app.

Instagram has been working to merge more shopping behaviors into its UX, through the addition of Shops, the shop tab, live-stream shopping and more. With the vast majority of IG users already connecting with brands, and getting the latest product updates in the app, it makes sense to lean into this behavior, and shopping tags are another element, designed to encourage more spend in the app.

In addition to the announcement, Instagram has also provided this overview of how to tag products in your posts

Superjoi Creator Platform Raises $2.5 Million
“Superjoi, as we position it, is liquidity with love,” Knight said. “The reason why we call it that is, for somebody who's creative, there's no better funding source for their creativity than the people who love them—and that’s their fans.”

Knight learned a lot about what he calls “superfans” after helping to build Fantom, a fan-focused smartwatch launched with England’s Manchester City Football Club. The Premier League team consults its fans on decisions relating to its stadium and sponsorships, he noted. “I see huge opportunities in the future for creators to actually have a deeper engagement with their audience and actually mobilize their audience to a new level,” Knight said.

Fans will initially fund projects on Superjoi by buying “supercoins,” an in-platform currency that is worth $1 each. While supercoins are not technically crypto tokens at this stage, the startup envisions letting fans invest in creators, earn a financial return and receive ownership in their content based on tokenization. Superjoi collects a 10% cut of a creator’s fundraising goal.

Celebrity, pop culture, and fashion trend analysis is taking over TikTok
Akili Moree loves a good mystery. Nothing triggers his curiosity more than the social media presence of celebrities, influencers, and major brands. What, he wonders, are these posts and their aesthetics trying to subtly (or not so subtly) convey? What do these online personas reveal? Under the username @cozyakili, Moree, a Northwestern University junior, has cultivated a budding reputation on TikTok as a shrewd commentator on culture and celebrity.

One of Moree’s most-viewed videos explores the notion of “poverty cosplay,” or wealthy people’s adoption of working-class aesthetics and attitudes. He points to Kim Kardashian’s post of Ye and her son Saint in a dark, sparsely decorated apartment; Timothée Chalamet’s photo of a Cup Noodles meal; and Golden Goose’s new-but-dirty shoe design as examples.

These TikToks are akin to an informal crash course on Instagram semiotics. They typically abide by an analogous visual format: screenshots of posts from recognizable figures, overlaid with a line of bold sans-serif text and Moree’s talking head. It’s his ability to concisely define enigmatic online phenomena, from “casual Instagram” to “vibe shifts,” that captivates viewers. Moree tries to offer what he calls “an objective opinion” in his videos, while fully acknowledging that the notion of objectivity is contrary to personal opinion.
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Great Paywalled Content

How the Original Influencers Do TikTok – WWD
“Social media has become increasingly important as a form of brand marketing to increase audience reach, especially to reach younger demographics,” Alice Pickthall, a senior analyst at Enders Analysis, said. “The aim is ultimately to drive users to owned and operated, where they can be better monetized.”

Of the 10 magazines WWD looked at, only two — WSJ., The Wall Street Journal’s luxury fashion insert, and Marie Claire — don’t have TikTok accounts, although it’s understood that Marie Claire, which was recently sold to Future plc. and is now mainly digital, will launch one soon.

As for the ones that are on it, perhaps unsurprisingly given its younger audience, Teen Vogue has the biggest following at 1.4 million, while its big sister Vogue has garnered the most likes at 17.9 million. Like many of the magazines, the latter became active on the app in 2020 when a lot of the conversation socially was switching to TikTok during the pandemic and has continued to see success as the world has opened up again.

“We’ve seen great success,” said Samantha Sussman, director of creative development of social media at Vogue. “We’ve taken our TikTok on the road. We’ve been live at fashion week in every country where it takes place. We do street style, assets of the photography, we have our editors and what they’re wearing. Just on the back of a magazine shoot we had Bella Hadid and Adut Akech doing this great little video that’s getting over 100,000 views so that’s something that’s a print story and we’re translating it to TikTok.”"

Top 22 Talent Managers, Agents Helping YouTubers Diversify Their Brands - Business Insider
"Everyday is different," Christina Jones, senior vice president at Digital Brand Architects, told Insider about the role. "In the past two years, the bigger conversations have been around what we can do that's outside of the norm. A lot of my meetings and calls with talent, and on behalf of talent, are around bigger projects.""

These projects are both online and off, as influencers have grown their businesses to include speaking engagements, products, or roles in traditional film and television series. Some top YouTube stars also want to build their own IP.

Jones, for instance, helped her client, beauty influencer Patrick Starrr, launch his cosmetics company One/Size, which is now sold at Sephora. Meanwhile Zack Honarvar assisted creator Airrack in launching his online film school Creator Now, and Matter Media Group's Evegail Andal helped YouTubers Alisha Marie and Ashley Nicole build Parallel Apparel.

The 22 managers and agents are listed over at Business Insider in alphabetical order:
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