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Chinese Top VC Discuss Controversial Topics: Is AI+Crypto and Bitcoin L2 Just Hype? Is Binance Too Monopolistic?

This episode of the podcast is organized by Wormhole & Pyth during the Hong Kong Activity Week. The host is Colin Wu, Founder of Wu Blockchain. Guests include BMAN, Co-Founder of ABCDE; Michael,
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Nine questions and answers about the Hong Kong Bitcoin and Ethereum Spot ETF

On April 15th, the Hong Kong SFC approved three institutions to issue Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs. Unlike the United States, which has not approved Ethereum ETFs and allows only cash settlement,
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Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 8 to Apr 14)

1. Iran Launches Attack on Israel link Following Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel, risk assets experienced a sharp decline on April 14th, with Ethereum hitting a low of $2852 and Bitcoin
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Weekly Project Updates: EigenLayer Mainnet Launches, Base NFT Trading Volume Hits New High, Jupiter Set for Major …

1. EigenLayer and EigenDA Launch on Ethereum Mainnet, LST Staking to Reopen link On April 10th, EigenLayer and EigenDA officially launched on the Ethereum mainnet. EigenDA, as the first launched AVS (
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CEX Data Report for March: Spot Trading Volume Doubles, Derivatives Trading Volume and Traffic Up Over 40%

Data compiled by the Wublockchain team shows: Spot trading volume on major exchanges increased by 134% month-on-month in March. The top three exchanges in terms of change were KuCoin at 262%, Upbit at
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WuBlockchain Weekly: Hong Kong's Bitcoin Spot ETF Set to Launch, SEC to Sue Uniswap, Tether Reports Annual Net Pro…

1. US March Unadjusted CPI Data Released, Exceeds Expectations link The US non-seasonally adjusted CPI (Consumer Price Index) for March rose by 3.5% year-on-year, slightly exceeding expectations of 3.4
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The background of the UK government seizing 61,000 Bitcoins from a Chinese fraudster

Author: Li Dan Fintalk Original link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/rtIFLmj_68-kgaQKwFYvGA Edited: wublockchain According to a report by FT in January this year, 42-year-old Jian Wen was accused in the UK
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Introduction to io.net: Can AI computing power be decentralized?

io.net is a network based on the Solana blockchain, allowing users with free computing capacity to provide computational power to resource-intensive artificial intelligence companies.Previously, io.net
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Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 1 to Apr 7)

1. Hong Kong's Weekly Summary 1.1 Hong Kong Chinese Financial Association Vice Chairman: Prospects for RWA Investment Opening to Retail Investors link In an article published in the Sing Tao Daily,
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Weekly Project Updates: W Airdrop Commences, Ripple Plans Stablecoin Issuance, Pendle Protocol Fees Hit Historic H…

1. Wormhole Initiates Airdrop and Releases Roadmap link On April 3rd, the cross-chain infrastructure Wormhole initiated its airdrop claim process and unveiled its roadmap, outlining its token W to
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WuBlockchain Weekly: The Federal Reserve to Prudently Lower Interest Rates, Bitcoin Miner Fees Reach New Highs, BC…

1. Powell Stands Firm on the Federal Reserve's Cautious Interest Rate Reduction Strategy link Federal Reserve Chair Powell stated during a lecture at the Stanford Graduate School of Business that
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Frontier Exploration: Review of the 25 Crypto Startups Selected for the a16z Accelerator

Author: defioasis Recently, the renowned venture capital firm a16z announced the 25 teams that have been selected for its 2024 cryptocurrency startup accelerator. These teams span a variety of
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Mining News in March: New Mining Chip SEALMINER A1, Biden Proposes Mining Tax Increase Again, and Impacts of Upcom…

Title sponsored by Bitdeer, a NASDAQ-listed mining company. 1. Bitdeer introduced its inaugural cryptocurrency mining chip, the SEAL01. The SEAL01 was designed utilzing advanced 4-nanometer process
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Arthur Hayes' Vision & The Synthetic Dollar: Ethena's Insights, Risks, and Breakthroughs

The views expressed by the interviewee are personal opinions and do not represent the views of WuBlockchain or constitute any financial advice. Readers are advised to strictly comply with local laws
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VC Mar Report, the number of fundraising projects increased by 24%, while the amount increased by 53%

Author: WuBlockchain According to RootData statistics, there were a total of 180 publicly announced investment projects in the cryptocurrency venture capital space in March, up 24.1% from February 2024
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Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Mar 25 to Mar 31)

1. Hong Kong's Weekly Summary 1.1 Hong Kong's Largest Bank HSBC Launches Gold Tokenization Product for Hong Kong Retail Investors link HSBC, Hong Kong's largest bank, has announced the
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Weekly Project Updates: Activity on Base Chain remains fervent, Optimism to allocate 850M OP, Ethena airdrop sched…

1. Base Network DEX Achieves Record $730 Million Single-Day Trading Volume, Setting Historic High link On March 29th, the number of transactions on the Base network reached 2.275 million, marking a
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WuBlockchain Weekly: KuCoin Faces U.S. Lawsuit, OKX Prioritizes Compliance Department as Top, SBF Sentenced to 25 …

1. BlackRock CEO: Launching Ethereum ETF Remains Feasible Even If Ethereum Is Deemed a Security link Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, expressed in an interview with Fox Business that even if the
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OneKey: Web3 Dark Forest - How to Effectively Protect Your Physical Devices

Author: OneKey Editor: WuBlockchain Original link: https://twitter.com/OneKeyCN/status/1769925695604461753 Evil Maid Attack: Every Second Away from Your Device is a Crisis Imagine you've achieved
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Opinion: SEC is Chasing The difficulties of Ethereum Spot ETF

Griffin Ardern is the head of the options trading and research departments at BloFin Academy. Below is his in-depth analysis of the current cryptocurrency market situation. Podcasts: Current Progress