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Research: Competition in the NFT market around royalties is heating up

Author: @0xMavWisdom While the war in the FT trading market set the tone with the defeat of SBF and the fate of FTX facing bankruptcy, the war in the NFT trading market is also being fought quietly.
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Global Crypto Mining News (Nov 21 to Nov 27)

This post is sponsored by TSE. 1. According to BTC.com, Bitcoin saw a mining difficulty adjustment at block height 764064, with a small 0.51% increase in mining difficulty to 36.95 T, a new all-time
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Asia's weekly TOP 10 crypto news (Nov 21 to Nov 27)

Author:Lily Editor:Colin Wu 1. FTX's weekly summary 1.1 MAS Statement to Address Misconceptions in the Wake of Collapse of FTX Link The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued a statement on
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Weekly project updates: EIP - 4844, Merkle tree, Hooked, etc

1. ETH's weekly summary a. Ethereum client teams test staking withdrawals on devnet link Ethereum developers launched a developer network on November 23 to test validator staking and withdrawals.
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WuBlockchain Weekly:Privacy Policy 、crvUSD、IRI and Top10 News

Top10 News 1、Fed officials see smaller rate hikes coming 'soon,' minutes show link Federal Reserve officials expect to switch to smaller interest rate increases “soon,” according to minutes
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Memories of the most important Shanghai investors in the early days of Ethereum

Author: Feng Xiao, founder of Wanxiang Blockchain Editor: WuBlockchain Original link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/-LbbuUN9i69ydcN2snchcQ On September 15, 2022, Ethereum will usher in another historical
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Interesting research: the "World Cup effect" in the stock and crypto markets

Author: @0xMavWisdom There has been a magical World Cup spell in traditional financial markets, where the markets perform poorly during most World Cups, and this effect still holds true in the
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World Cup Concept Leaders: Introducing Chiliz's Fan Token Economy

Author: @0xMavWisdom (We have no partnership or sponsorship with the projects mentioned in this article and do not provide financial advice) As the World Cup approaches, Chiliz token CHZ, a blockchain
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Global Crypto Mining News (Nov 14 to Nov 20)

1. Canaan Inc. reported financial statements for the third quarter of 2022 and its third quarter revenue was $978.2 million, compared to total revenue of RMB 3.99 billion for the first three quarters,
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The story of an early FTX user: How to make a lot of money from FTX and lose money because of 'faith'

First, let's count the losses in this FTX event. ● The assets still in the FTX: $225000; ● FTT's loss: $100000 ● Total $325000 This is the largest loss in the investment career, the lesson is
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4 Blockchain Soccer Games Endorsed by FIFA

Author: @CC99Carol Editor: Colin Wu Abstract: The recent explosion of centralized exchanges has caused the crypto market, which has just recovered a bit of vitality, to suffer another heavy setback. On
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Asia's weekly TOP 10 crypto news (Nov 14 to Nov 20)

Author:Lily Editor:Colin Wu 1. HongKong & FTX's weekly summary 1.1 HEX Trust reduces minimum residual exposure to FTX and Alameda to zero Link Hong Kong-based institutional custodian HEX Trust
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Weekly project updates: ATOM 2.0 has been rejected, Vitalik donates to the Dogecoin, etc

1. StableCoin's weekly summary a. The euro stablecoin agEUR issued by the decentralized stablecoin protocol AngleLabs has supported the US dollar stablecoin MAI launched by Polygon's native
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WuBlockchain Weekly:FTX Collapse 、CEX PoR、CPI and Top10 News

Top10 News 1、FTX filed for Chapter 11, SBF resigned link FTX Group Companies Commence Voluntary Chapter 11 Proceedings in the United StatesBegin Orderly Process to Review and Monetize Assets for
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The World Cup is approaching: Will football-themed Tokens become hot?

Author: Maverick Editior: Colin Wu (We have no partnership or sponsorship with the projects mentioned in this article and do not provide financial advice) The merge of Ethereum POS, one of the two hot
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Lawyer: Taiwan FTX Victims' Status, Causes and Subsequent Events

Interviewee: Enlighten Law Group Interviewer: Colin Wu Up to now, among the clients we have accepted, there are about 950 people in Taiwan, and there are about four people who have lost more than $5
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A look at the future innovation direction of fan tokens under the World Cup Upsurge

Author: @0xMavWisdom The sports industry has long been a hot demand market, and the large base of native fans and huge development prospects have made the Crypto pay attention to and build the sports
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In summary: What is the real reason for the collapse of the FTX empire?

Written By: Colin Wu Before the FTX empire collapsed, 99.9 per cent of us thought: maybe he had a lot of connected parties, maybe he was expanding too fast, but a collapse was "not so likely"
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Global Crypto Mining News (Nov 7to Nov 13)

1. Bitcoin miner Iris Energy has received a notice of default on $103 million of outstanding debt, with the lender claiming it is behind on payments scheduled for October 25 and demanding that Iris
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Weekly project updates:Chainlink introduced PoR, Aptos partnered with Google Cloud, NFT's weekly summary, etc

1. Chainlink's weekly summary a. Chainlink Labs has introduced PoR, assisting CEX in prove its asset reserves. link On November 11, Chainlink Labs introduced proof-of-reserve (PoR), a new service