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🌊 ASU World Takeover

Arizona State University (ASU) announced plans to enroll 100M international students in a free online educational program by 2030... currentlogo January 21, 2022 "I'd like to film a movie out
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🌊 One Show to Rule Them All

Wednesday, details emerged about Amazon's Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power show, which is set to be the most expensive show of all time... rocanews January 20, 2022 Yesterday's Question of
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🌊 Congress Capital LLC

Amid a bipartisan push, lawmakers are facing pressure about their ability to trade individual stocks. Last week, 2 Democratic senators introduced... rocanews January 19, 2022 Roca has some exciting
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🌊 Novax Djokovic

Men's world tennis #1 Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia on SundayDjokovic was attending the Australian Open tournament... rocanews January 18, 2022 Save Money. Live Better.... in the
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🌊 Monster Goes Loko

Monster Beverage announced a $330M acquisition of craft-beer and hard-seltzer company CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective. The energy drink company... currentlogo January 14, 2022 Happy Friday, Roca
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🌊 "Bueller... Bueller..."

Schools are seeing substantial drops in attendance, as teachers and students stay home to avoid catching or spreading Covid-19... rocanews January 13, 2022 You gotta love Florida. Two men were arrested
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🌊 Pig-Heart Man

Doctors conducted the first transplant of a pig heart into a human. The recipient appears to be doing well after 3 days. Animal-to-human... rocanews January 12, 2022 It may shock you to hear that
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A Message from the Roca Team

View this email in your browser Hey there! Thank you for passing the one month mark of joining the Roca community and subscribing to our newsletter. To celebrate, we put together a list of some of our
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🌊 Badger Finds Treasure

Take-Two Interactive, the video game company behind Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and NBA 2K, is acquiring Zynga for $12.7BZynga is the... rocanews January 11, 2022 Holy smokes: 58 years ago
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🌊 America Loses its Dad

Bob Saget died in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Orlando, FL. He was 65. Saget became a pop culture icon during an 8-year stint as Danny Tanner... rocanews January 10, 2022 The not-so Golden Globes took
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🌊 Match Point, Australia

On Thursday, airlines canceled 1000+ flights for the twelfth straight day. A combination of quarantining and bad weather has created one of the... currentlogo January 7, 2022 What happens when a
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🌊 Pope vs. Pets

The US military is struggling to compete with armed low-cost drones on the battlefield. A 4-star US general told the Financial Times that drones... rocanews January 6, 2022 "Why do Uber drivers
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🌊 "Hey, I Quit"

Senator Joe Manchin (Dem., West Virginia) indicated that he won't support Democrats' effort to change the filibuster. The filibuster requires... rocanews January 5, 2022 Smells like... a closed
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🌊 RIP BlackBerry

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of blood testing startup Theranos, was found guilty on 4 of 11 charges. Holmes claimed to have created revolutionary... rocanews January 4, 2022 "Why did the cell
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🌊 Not So Free-lancers

A fire burned through South Africa's parliament for over 9 hours on Sunday, destroying much of the parliamentary complex... rocanews January 3, 2022 Happy 2022! We have a huge year ahead with the
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🌊 The Year of the Vinyl

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk predicted that humans will be on Mars in "worst case, 10 years.”“Best case is about 5 years," he added, saying that the main... rocanews December 30, 2021 What a year in
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🌊 Babies Take Parliament

Rescue flights out of Afghanistan are on hold after it was revealed that the Taliban has been using the flights for fundraising purposes... rocanews December 29, 2021 "Here's a guy who when he
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🌊 More Cancer Progress

The CDC cut its recommended isolation period from 10 to 5 days for many people. Those who have tested positive but are asymptomatic can leave... rocanews December 28, 2021 While Elon Musk is typing in
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🌊 The End of $1 Slices?

Spider-Man: No Way Home became the first movie since December 2019 to earn $1B+ globally. No Way Home hit the $1B mark in just 12 days... rocanews December 27, 2021 Business Insider put out a piece on
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🌊 End of Astronauts

The controversial trial of a Harvard professor charged with lying about his China ties began on Monday. Chemistry professor Charles Lieber was... rocanews December 15, 2021 Gen Z and Millennials