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🌊 Very Fish, Subway

A federal judge ruled that Subway can be sued for claiming to serve “100% tuna.”The decision allows several lawsuits to advance... July 12, 2022 Yesterday, NASA unveiled the deepest image of the
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🌊 Yu-Gi-Oh-No!

Kazuki Takahashi, creator of the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” manga series and card game, was found dead on Friday. Since its creation in 1996, “Yu-Gi-Oh!” has... July 11, 2022 Among the thousands of votes received in
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🌊 Pad Thai Prime

Amazon acquired an up-to-15% stake in GrubHub, the US' 3rd-largest food delivery service. The deal, which includes a 2% stake plus... July 8, 2022 Happy Friday, Roca Riders. We need you to settle a
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🌊 Cookies & Court

Ben and Jerry's is suing Unilever, its owner, to block the sale of its ice cream in the West Bank. Last year, Ben and Jerry's stopped selling... July 7, 2022 On this day in 1928, sliced bread
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🌊 To Joe, From Brittney

Brittney Griner, an American basketball player, sent President Biden a letter on Tuesday. “Please don't forget about me,” she wroteGriner... July 6, 2022 In case you haven't gotten the memo,
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🌊 Mammoth Mia!

Gold miners in northwestern Canada unearthed an almost fully intact body of a baby woolly mammoth. Woolly mammoths, ancestors of modern elephants... July 5, 2022 Yesterday, America celebrated freedom
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🌊 America's Most Wanted Queen

The FBI has added the “Cryptoqueen,” a woman accused of stealing billions, to its most-wanted list. The woman, Ruja Ignatova, faces 5 charges... July 1, 2022 "You get an independence day! You get
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🌊 TikTok on the Clock

The commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asked Google and Apple to take TikTok off of their app stores. TikTok is owned... June 30, 2022 Wow. Simply wow: We just passed the
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🌊 New Country Drop?

Scotland's leader announced plans for a second independence referendum to be held in October 2023. Scotland has been a part of the United Kingdom... June 29, 2022 Yesterday, a reader shared a
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🌊 Drinking the Kool-Aid

Deep in the jungles of South America, on November 17, 1978, a man named Jim Jones told his followers to “die with a degree of dignity... June 28, 2022 Alec Baldwin's PR team will really need a
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🌊 Uno Reverse Aging Card

A new study found that certain species of turtles and tortoises can change the rate at which they age. Aging, or senescence, refers to a gradual... June 27, 2022 As you look for Monday inspiration,
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🌊 How Old Are You, McLovin?

June 24, 2022 Happy Friday, Roca Nation. Over the last few months, our community of readers has nearly doubled. We can't put into words how grateful we are for your thousands of referrals of
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🌊 Snap, Crackle, Split

Kellogg's, one of the world's largest snack and cereal firms, announced that it will split into 3 companies. The 116-year-old company... June 23, 2022 "The world has gone mad" is what
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🌊 It's 4:20 Somewhere

Several California cities are permitting “weed cafes” and lounges for recreational marijuana use. California legalized marijuana use in 2016... June 22, 2022 Did you know that the ZIP in "ZIP code
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🌊 It's Union Time

Workers at a Maryland Apple store voted to unionize on Saturday. Employees of the store, located near Baltimore, voted 65-to-33 to join... June 21, 2022 Today is the first official day of summer. Yep,
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🌊 Old McDonald's Had a Lawsuit

McDonald's will pay France $1.3B (€1.25B) to settle a tax evasion lawsuit. The lawsuit, which began in 2016, accused McDonald's France of... June 17, 2022 Happy Friday and congratulations to
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🌊 End of an IEra

Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft's pioneer web browser, is shutting down after 27 years. IE was first launched in 1995 and had a 95% browser.... June 15, 2022 Let's address the elephant in the
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🌊 Take a Hike

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates by 0.75% on Wednesday, the largest hike since 1994. The Fed raises interest rates to slow... June 16, 2022 Just found out that 7/11 makes its Slurpees
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🌊 AI Gotta Feeling

A Google engineer was put on leave after claiming that an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot is sentient. The engineer, Blake Lemoine, posted... June 14, 2022 Happy birthday, bourbon! As legend goes,
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🌊 PTO: Pope Time Off

Speculation is growing that Pope Francis, 85, will soon retire. Popes rarely resign: Only 6 have done so, among them the prior pope — Benedict XVI... June 13, 2022 Huge welcome to all of our new