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🌊 Pox Americana

California, New York, and Illinois have each declared a state of emergency in regards to monkeypox. The 3 states account for nearly half of the... August 3, 2022 Who are the best-selling fiction
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🌊 American Striker

The US killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda, in a drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan. Al-Zawahiri, a former Egyptian doctor, was Osama... August 2, 2022 A year and a half ago, we were lucky
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🌊 Hips Don't Pay Taxes

Spanish authorities are seeking an 8-year jail sentence for Colombian pop superstar Shakira. With 80M+ album sales worldwide, Shakira is the best... August 1, 2022 Hate to start a new week with an In
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🌊 That's the Spirit!

JetBlue has reached a deal to buy Spirit Airlines. Spirit was the US' 6th-largest airline by passengers in 2021; JetBlue was 7th... July 29, 2022 Happy National Chicken Wing Day! Did you know that
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🌊 Patients 2, HIV 0

2 patients infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, appear to have fully beaten the disease. HIV suppresses the immune system by attacking... July 28, 2022 You all sent in a record number of
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🌊 Peeping Xi

A US Senate report outlined a decade-long effort by China to infiltrate the Fed, the US' central bank. The Fed controls the supply of US dollars... July 27, 2022 "What's up, doc?" 82
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🌊 What the Cluck

The US Justice Department is suing major poultry producers for long-term abusive labor policies. The lawsuit targets poultry producers that... July 26, 2022 Yesterday we asked you to share a false
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🌊 United We Sweat

An estimated 85% of Americans are expected to experience temperatures above 90ºF (32ºC) this week as heat waves... July 25, 2022 When Shark Week premiered in 1988, its purpose was to correct shark
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🌊 Calling Dr. Bezos

Amazon announced that it is buying One Medical, an operator of primary care health clinics, for $3.9B. One Medical operates 188 clinics... July 22, 2022 First of all, happy Friday, everyone. Second, if
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🌊 There Will Be Bikes

The EU proposed a plan for member states to ration gas usage ahead of a “likely” Russian gas cut-off. In recent weeks, Russia... July 21, 2022 Meet the partners in wine: A couple charged with fine wine
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🌊 Good News at the Pump

The average US retail gas price has fallen below $4.50 for the first time since May. In mid-June, average US gas prices exceeded $5/gallon... July 20, 2022 53 years ago today, Neil Armstrong uttered
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🌊 Zelensky Smells a Rat

July 19, 2022 Piranhas and panthers and crocs, oh my. Working at Roca is apparently so much fun that co-founder Max Frost thought he'd prefer to spend the last few weeks swimming with piranhas and
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🌊 Roca in the Jungle

It's wildly expensive to fly right now – which is why I ended up spending 3 weeks in the Amazon.For those who are new to Roca, we've done 3 Roca... July 18, 2022 Happy birthday to an American
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🌊 Hide and Gogh Seek

A hidden Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait was found on the back of a painting in a Scottish museum. Van Gogh died in 1890. Widely considered one.... July 15, 2022 Twitter celebrates its 16th birthday
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🌊 Built Sequoia Tough

Yosemite's famous sequoia trees narrowly survived a wildfire and may now be safer than before. Sequoias, which grow up to 200 ft... July 14, 2022 Today is "Shark Awareness Day!" We hope
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🌊 He's A Murdaugher

Authorities indicated they will charge Alex Murdaugh with murdering his wife and son. Murdaugh, who comes from a legal dynasty in South Carolina... July 13, 2022 Drop the "land," just "
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🌊 To our most loyal readers

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