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On Black Music Appreciation Month

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 26: Sherry Kappel on Black Music Appreciation Month; Glenn Rocess on shedding unfounded assumptions about LGBTQ people after a visit to P-Town; and Brian Mack on the “T” in LGBTQ. OHF
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OHF Writer Glenn Rocess sees some of his long-held assumptions about gay people wither and die on their prejudicial vine during a day-trip to P-Town with his wife. OHF WEEKLY Provincetown: Built by and
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Happy Father’s Day!

Special greetings of the day to all dads, daddies, granddads, great-granddads, stepdads, fathers-in-law, pops, and father figures! And hugs to those whose fathers are no longer with us. OHF WEEKLY
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Just Stop Already

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 25: On the nature of cake and convictions; the origins of America's mass shootings; the sixth anniversary of the Pulse shooting; the origins of Juneteenth; and a special shout-out
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Gun Violence in America, the NRA, and Racism

How did we reach this point where mass shootings have become commonplace? Those of us who are older remember a time long before Columbine, when school shootings were simply unheard of. What changed? As
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Pulse: Six Years Later

June 12 marks the sixth anniversary of the night hate came to Orlando and murdered forty-nine people out for a night of fun. June 12, 2022, marks the sixth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre.
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Speaking in a New Tongue

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 24: Stephen Matlock presents a path to peace and safety to all; Clay Rivers tells why “LGBTQ Christian” is not a contradiction in terms; and the OHF Weekly Editors announce a sweeping
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You’re Invited . . . to Our Updated Website!

We are excited to announce that OHFWeekly.org has had a little work done, and we think it's beautiful! Don't you agree? OHF WEEKLY You're Invited . . . to Our Updated Website! By OHF Weekly
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Write with Us

Our mission is to unite the world by dispelling the lie of race and the practice of racism and replacing them with the truth of love and racial equity. OHF WEEKLY Write with Us By OHF Weekly Editors –
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Uvalde: Killing in the Classroom

VOL 4 NO 23: Another mass shooting, this one at Robb Elementary. Why? James Finn on the love, esteem, activism, and joy of Pride; Sherry Kappel on the goal of parenthood for LGBT couples. OHF WEEKLY
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If It’s June, It Must Be Pride!

James Finn's primer on the love, esteem, activism, and joy of Pride. OHF WEEKLY If It's June, It Must Be Pride! By James Finn – 02 Jun 2022 – View online → Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash
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Rebuilding Safe Harbors

VOL 4 NO 22: Stephen Matlock on Buffalo and the work of justice; Consuelo G. Flores on creating an inclusive and diverse future; a call to action by Clay Rivers; and the ongoing work of antiracism by
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Buffalo: White Supremacy Kills Again

VOL 4 NO 21: Clay Rivers on another mass murder of Black people; Glenn Rocess on white supremacy's last hurrah; William Spivey on the intertwined nature of freedom. OHF WEEKLY Buffalo: White
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OHF Weekly Names Writing Contest Winners

🎉 Congratulations to winners Charles Estacious White and Sylvia Wohlfarth, and all who entered our Equal People short story writing contest OHF WEEKLY OHF Weekly Names Writing Contest Winners By OHF
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Until the Lion Tells the Story

VOL 4 NO 19: Clay Rivers on how power determines America's narrative, who tells it, and more; Erik Deckers on the irritating and derailing nature of “#NotAllWhitePeople”; and Jesse Wilson on the
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Is God Love?

VOL 4 NO 18:: Clay Rivers, John Metta, Michael Greiner, and Rebecca Hyman tackle love in Christianity, surviving and thriving as a Black person in white America, the benefits of restorative justice,
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Such a Thing as Grace

John Metta's letter to his niece, Jayla, inspired by James Baldwin's “Letter to My Nephew,” focuses on surviving and thriving as a Black person in a predominantly white world OHF WEEKLY Such a
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On Icons and Justice

VOL 4 NO 17: Sherry Kappel on the role of an icon and the purpose they do—or don't—fulfill. What are their qualifications? When do they do more harm than good? And other related topics OHF WEEKLY
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When the Punchline Doesn’t Justify the Joke

VOL 4 NO 16: By now we all know of “the slap heard round the world” and have read more takes than we can remember, but Clay Rivers has just a few final thoughts to add to the mix. OHF WEEKLY When the