[Roundup] Hire a broker for your next brand exit


Hey Reader,

You built a brand, grew it, and now you’re ready to sell.

It shouldn’t be that difficult with a reliable broker on your side.

Here are some great options to check out.


From the Blog

How to Style & Format WordPress Blog Articles. As people’s attention spans get shorter, scannability is key when it comes to digital content. It’s all about packaging pertinent information in a way that’s easy to read and digest.

Top 8 Email Messaging Software for Ecommerce Sellers in 2022. Even with new and more modern platforms coming out, email continues to be a foolproof channel for marketing. If you want to boost your initiatives, consider investing in these software.


From the Podcast

E446: The Importance of Innovation in eCommerce with Spencer Jan. The co-founder of Solo Stove chats with me about how he started in ecommerce, why he decided to focus on Solo Stove, and why innovation is important in the industry.

E341: The Pros and Cons of Selling Seasonal Products Online. The term doesn’t only refer to Halloween costumes or Christmas decor. There is, in fact, a seasonality to every product. It all boils down to strategy and timing.


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