🤠 How to Grow a Travel Blog to $50k a Month! + Link Whisper 2.0

Today, I've got an amazing story of a "solo" traveler that started a blog and is now crushing it in the serps and making great money.

However, before I jump into the story, I'm super excited to announce that I've just released Link Whisper version 2.0!

As part of this new release, I'm doing a full launch on Product Hunt right here!

In fact, Link Whisper version 2.0 is already near the top...and has a shot at getting product of the day!

However, I could use a little help. If you have used Link Whisper and love it, could you leave a comment on Product Hunt with a quick review or explain why you use the tool?

Anything you can do to show support is appreciated, and a comment sharing your brief thoughts on Link Whisper is a great way to do that!

Oh, and as part of this launch, I'm offering the biggest discount I give all year. I usually only offer this discount on Black Friday, but I figured...why not celebrate the release of 2.0 with a special deal?

To see what the special deal is and to get the discount code, just head over to the Product Hunt listing right here.

Thanks again for your support!

Today's guest interview on Niche Pursuits is Kristin Addis.

She's "living the dream".

Back in 2012, she escaped the rat race of corporate life to solo-travel the world and document her adventures.

Through this initiative she turned a 1-way ticket to Asia into one of the top woman's travel blogs on the planet.

And she makes an excellent living doing it.

Here's a screenshot of just one of the ways her site makes money:

She also does tours and more but like all successful businesses, it didn't happen over night.

And today she shares some of the ways she grew her business to the level of success she enjoys today.

She shares some of what she's learned, and the important things those relatively new on their journeys should consider.

Reading her story is not only inspiring and motivational but it's also helpful with some real nuggets of wisdom.

Be sure to check out the entire interview with Kristin Addis here!

Why Start a Blog? Here Are 15 Reasons You Need A Blog

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In this article, you'll learn how you can easily speed up the process of getting your pages seen and indexed by Google!

Check out the complete guide here.

Let's have a great week!


PS - If you are interested in seeing what's new with Link Whisper version 2.0 and getting a special discount code, you can see what it's all about right here.

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