Wolf Craft - 4 BIG PR Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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Show, Don't Tell

4 BIG PR Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
We wanted to share advice from our archive that stands the test of time and works for everyone seeking PR tips. Gifts and Dec interviewed me back in 2020 about four big PR DOs, but today I wanted to share four big PR DON’Ts that I’ve witnessed over and over again. You can do all the right things when it comes to getting media coverage, but you're not going to get it if you're also doing all the WRONG things at the same time.
(side note: Gifts and Dec is a trade publication focused primarily on the gift industry, and it’s been around since 1971!)

Good Links Round Up

1. Hosting a non-work 'show and tell' with the office boosts creative potential.
While keeping personal and professional worlds separate may help us get down to business, it does not spark creativity. The writer of this article makes a compelling case for creating a fun, safe space in the workplace where colleagues can support each other's creative pursuits. The format is simple and accessible; think open-mic for personal projects and teachable skills.

2. Learn how to make friends with your bookkeeper.
We trust personal BFFs with our dreams and secrets, but are we ready to let someone see our messy receipt boxes? Don't fear disclosing your financial skeletons to a bookkeeper! Listen to bookkeeper Jackie Gala give priceless advice on Feel Good Retail’s podcast, Retail for the Rest of Us. This episode includes how to manage one’s books, revenue 101, the do's and don'ts of digital payments, and how a bookkeeper is different from an accountant (helpful to know for tax season).

3. Four ways to analyze a drop in organic traffic.
A dashboard is only as valuable as our ability to interpret the data. Follow these detailed audit screenshots of Google Analytics to quickly identify the source of decreased organic traffic. Though fluctuations in traffic happen, this overview lets you know exactly where to improve your website and optimize visits.

4. Yes, your smartphone CAN capture high-quality product images. Here's how.
We love the chance to spotlight the importance of product photography for growing business. This video tutorial and blog post cover the fundamentals of using a smartphone to take professional photos of products with reference images, recommended accessories, and editing apps.

5. How to add covers to Instagram Reels
Hate the weird video still at the beginning of your latest Reel? Our favorite social media scheduling app, Later (#notanad), put together this super helpful post with screenshots and the exact steps to add image or graphic covers to your Reels.

Wolf Craft Pro Tip

How in the world do you measure press outcomes???
We get this question all the time!

Here's an example. One of our previous 1-1 clients, interior designer Alice, was featured in Architectural Digest's Clever. About a month later a photo from that project was shared on Bobby Berk’s Insta (interior designer from Queer Eye), which has over three million followers.

So one specific outcome from this piece of press is a wide-reaching share and the brand validation and new followers that come along with that.

At the end of the day press for small businesses, like interior designers, is all about growing brand recognition and finding outlets to tell your unique story so people come to you for what you do best.

Sure you can look at how much ad values are, and measure impressions, or followers gained. But we think the best measure of success is when you land an amazing story.


Q- What is an important way to get ready for a trade show?
A- Tell the media what you're doing, what you're introducing, and where you'll be so they can write about you and meet you!

Our 1-1 clients Tomma Bloom and Crossland + Emmons did just that, resulting in coverage from one of the best read interior design trade publications out there, Business of Home. 

And this wasn't Tom's first time working with BOH. Since she's been able to build a relationship with the editors there, she was able to land an interview this time around. 

Finally, SinCa's Geometric Side Tables found a home in Surface's design dose.
Congrats to all!
Business of Home covered the best debuts at NYCxDesign 2022, including the showcases of Atlanta-based studio Crosland + Emmons and NYCxDesign award winner Tomma Bloom.
Business of Home interviews textile artist Tom Lerental, founder of Tomma Bloom, about her process of reimagining wallcoverings as 3D designs.
Surface Mag features the Geometric Side Table by SinCa Design, a circular design studio of wooden furniture designed and handcrafted objects. 

Work With Us!

If you want to get really good at telling your business' story, we can help!

-Tweak and Edit- for when you need a critically constructive second set of eyeballs to look at what you're doing and tell you exactly what to fix, and then show you best-in-show examples to help you get there. 

-1-1 sessions- for when you want to learn how to tighten up your business and pitch it to the media yourself, and you want guidance informed by 15+ years of experience and someone to hold you accountable. 

-List building- for when you want a fully customized media list built to fit your specific needs and timing as it involves launches and other company initiatives- AND you want it to include suggestions for press materials, stories to develop, order of operations for embargos and/or exclusives, and other activities for the biggest media impact.

and finally 

-How to Pitch For Holiday Gift Guides- for when you want to truly knock it out of the park with holiday gift guide pitching, but also secretly learn how to pitch for all the other year round holidays as well. 

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Nora & Kirsten

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