360Learning - (L&D Is Like A) Heat Waaave

Have you checked your thermometer lately? What about the weather channel? There’s a good chance that you, like us, are headed straight for an early summer heat wave. It’s time to switch on that fan!

As temperatures rise, so does our excitement at all the latest L&D content we have to share with you. First up, some exciting product updates, straight out of the oven. And as talk around how AI will shake up the learning landscape really heats up, we’ve got 5 AI models to share that we think will transform the L&D function. 

Since diversity training is always a hot topic, we’ve got a few ways you can kickstart your 2022 DEI program (if you haven’t already). We’ll fan the flames of your ambition by sharing how our friends at Steal These Thoughts recommend building a modern L&D team, and we’ll throw in a few examples of top instructional (and post-instructional) eLearning strategies

So yes, we may be barreling towards a heat wave, but we’ve got everything you need to stay cool! And speaking of staying cool, don’t forget to join the L&D Collective, check out our L&D resources below, or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter!


5 AI Models That Will Transform the L&D function: Practical Tips From Expert Donald Clark

In this podcast recap, we hear from Donald Clark, CEO at WildFire Learning, as we explore five applications of AI models in L&D. As the author of the books ‘AI for Learning’ and ‘Learning Experience Design’ and co-host on the podcast ‘Great Minds on Learning,’ David is the go-to person for practical advice on how to use AI to help employees achieve their learning goals.

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Product Update: Manager Dashboard Updates, Audit-Proof Attendance Data, and More Collaborative Learning Features

Our product team has been hard at work whipping up new features and perfecting existing ones. Exciting new integrations, improved workflows, improved classroom attendance management, welcome tours, and new mobile challenges…the list is almost endless! And it’s all in the name of helping our customers deliver outstanding collaborative learning experiences.

Update me!


14 Diversity Training Programs to Kickstart DEI in 2022

Diversity training programs have a huge impact on your organization. Done right, they can improve employee engagement and productivity and build a culture of collaboration and trust. Not to mention, diverse companies have a higher likelihood of being profitable. We shortlisted the best free and paid programs to help you on your DEI journey.

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Building a Modern L&D Team

If you’re lucky enough to be building out your team right now, it might be helpful to hear how other learning and development pros are scaling up. Our friends at Steal These Thoughts share their two cents about who you need on your L&D team for optimal results. They explain ‘the power of 4’, plus that little something most teams are missing…a truly great leader. 

Welcome to the team


The 7 Best Instructional and Post-Instructional eLearning Strategies

The right pre- and post-instructional strategies can really help your learners accomplish tasks and meet their goals. Read on to learn more about the primary instructional strategies that you can use in-session, as well as some of the most effective post-instructional eLearning strategies.

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And that’s it from me this week!  💛,


Joei from 360Learning

P.S. If you have any questions or feedback, hit reply – I read every email and will get back to you personally. 

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