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time for a break?

I'm definitely taking one. OnboardingJoei ep.7, Udemy webinar, manager training Sometimes, you just need to take a second. Needless to say, the last year has been tough. Between thinking about
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Is your ship stuck?

The Suez situation is a crisis we Canal relate to One story captured the world's attention more than any other this week: the 144-hour scramble to unblock the Suez Canal after the container ship
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Onboarding Joei ep.6, how to choose the right type of employee training, science of learning Right now, everything is changing. The world is slowly moving past life under lockdown, and we're
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delicious recipes for success

Onboarding Joei ep.5, Toppers Pizza's secret recipe, delicious templates No matter how great you are in the kitchen, there's always a chance something will go wrong with your dish. You might
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curiouser and curiouser

Onboarding Joei ep.4, curiosity is the heart of learning As the classic story tells us, following the white rabbit down the hole can land us in quite the spot of bother–especially if the rabbit wears a
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the best way to learn

Onboarding Joei ep.3, adult learning, blended learning, cognitive learning theory, CLO Connect "The best way to learn..." We hear this phrase thrown around a lot. When I first moved to Paris,
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one thing all fast-growing companies do

new episode of Onboarding Joei, free OKR template, new ebook Your company's greatest asset isn't your product, your customers, or even your big ideas. It's your employees. The more time and
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the challenge of remote

our reality tv show returns for season 2 + tools to help you overcome the challenges of remote Right now, a lot of L&D teams are having a hard time setting learning priorities for 2021 and beyond.
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Onboarding Joei is back

Watch episode 1 now. "Oh yeah, you started a new job! How's that going, anyway?" You might be a year into a new role and still get messages like this. Sometimes, you might not have much
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aaaahh - can you hear me?

#ZoomCat is probably the best thing that happened to the internet. “I'm here live. I'm not a cat.” - these are probably the last words we'd expect to hear from a lawyer in a civil
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what's hot in 2021

...and what's not? Between COVID-19 and the shift to remote working, 2020 represented a great reset; now, L&D teams are in the driver's seat, and are figuring out what these shifts mean for
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20% completion rates are not OK

Is there a solution? Of course. Does it involve L&D teams doing more work? Of course not. It doesn't matter how many days, weeks, or months you put into preparing your training content - if
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score yourself a seat in the C-suite

For too long, L&D teams have been seen as nice to have, but not vital. It's time for a change. For too long, L&D teams have been seen as extraneous. Nice to have, but not vital. A service
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why Pixar movies are so awesome

There is just something about Pixar movies that make us laugh, think, and turn into a blubbering mess by the time the credits roll. It's safe to say Pixar has perfected the formula for producing
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6 days into 2021

A lot of people, myself included, celebrated the end of 2020 in the hopes that 2021 will bring a fresh start, free of COVID19 restrictions, lockdowns, and all the madness that made up 2020. 6 days into
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That's a wrap 2020! We're so close to the holiday break, you can almost smell the eggnog (if not already drinking it.) Since this is a short work week, I've only got two pieces for you:
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over 66% of L&Ds feel lost and overwhelmed

And that's completely understandable. We spend a lot of time exchanging with fellow L&D professionals. Lately, many of them describe feeling completely lost at sea. After all the disruptions
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Home alone

Working from home alone? The holiday season is here, and many of us are home alone, watching Home Alone. Most of us are working at home alone. Or working alone, as a team of one. Working alone is no
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Netflix and...learn?

Let's be real. It's the end of a long, stressful week. Finally, time to unwind and relax! You microwave your popcorn (or yesterday's turkey), pour a glass of wine, and settle in on the
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delivering a chicken sandwich (training program) during COVID

How Church's Chicken achieved 93% training completion rates during the pandemic After serving their signature fried chicken for nearly seven decades, Church's is expanding their menu with their