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How leading companies are moving mountains

with their L&D strategy. Albert Einstein once said, “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” We think he may have had a point. Theory is nothing without experience
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360Learning - Our February Events Roundup!

If this email is not displayed correctly, click here 360Learning February Events Newsletter Winter is definitely here and with these cold temperatures, the recommendation is to stay inside with a hot
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How to prevent L&D tunnel vision

and get everyone on board. In all things, preparation is the first step to success. Unfortunately, it's tempting to rush things when we're short on time or money, or to fixate on minor details
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Is your training really working?

A tough but necessary question As the economic downturn continues, organizations need to pivot their focus—and L&D teams need to show their training is really driving great results. That's why
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These 2 L&D strategies go hand-in-hand

Upskilling and employee mobility. What's keeping business execs up at night? Building and maintaining a skilled workforce in the midst of recession. L&D teams are under mounting pressure to
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The only New Year’s resolution that matters

Make 2023 work for you 2023 is the year to make work work for you. Not just with flexible remote policies, but by practicing autonomous work and bidding adieu to traditional top-down management styles.
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The best L&D reads

Our hand-picked selection of learning resources The holidays are nearly here, and with it comes an opportunity to indulge in some reading. Whether you're sitting by an open fire or soaking up the
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7 reasons your company isn’t flexible enough

and what you can do about it. If you're feeling boxed-in by a rigid company culture, you're not alone. Many companies struggle to offer flexible work options, and the problem often starts from
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Your guide to a tough conversation

How to talk dollars and cents. As L&D leaders, it's not always easy to defend your budget and prove your impact–especially when leadership typically sees L&D as just another cost center
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Your CEO wants you to do more with less

Here's how to actually do it. As we inch closer to 2023, companies across all industries are communicating the same internal message: “We need to do more with less.” L&D teams are no exception,
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Keys to creating a culture of personal growth and upskilling - join us this afternoon

View in Browser | Forward to a Friend How to Build a Culture of Upskilling and Personal Growth Upcoming Webinar Today, it's up to HR and Learning and Development teams to build a culture that both
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Flexible working is hard...

...but it doesn't have to be We've said it a thousand times, but it's worth repeating: the way we work has changed. Now, people crave systems of trust and flexibility, but organizations are
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[You're invited] Learn how to build a culture of upskilling and personal growth

View in Browser | Forward to a Friend Register How to Build a Culture of Upskilling and Personal Growth There's no doubt that organisations which actively support employees in their personal growth
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How to keep your customers, employees, and sanity

Hint: It's all about supportive L&D Layoffs and hiring freezes are on the rise in the tech industry right now. As many companies resort to downsizing in the face of economic uncertainty, others
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Is your learning tech stack in trouble?

Keeping things simple could help. As L&D leaders, we're inundated with different learning technologies all promising L&D miracles. This can make it that much harder to transition to the
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Here’s our secret formula

How to win with results-driven learning content. L&D can be a tricky science, and finding the formula for high performance is the question everyone wants answered. Well, here's the secret.
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The most underrated L&D skill

Here's why L&D leaders need business acumen As L&D leaders, we're constantly spinning plates. From authoring learning content to building eLearning programs and facilitating training
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How to go it alone

Is one really the loneliest number? Are you a solo artist or more of a team player? Well, when you're the only person heading an L&D team of one, you don't have much of a choice. You need
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Which country takes best care of new managers?

Your managers need your help If you've stepped into the shoes of a manager, you'll remember how daunting your new responsibilities felt. Regulations, conflict resolution, communication,
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L&D and HR Teams, learn how to make the right impact when it comes to growth and retention

View in Browser | Forward to a Friend Register Now How to Develop a High-Performance Culture That Makes People Want to Grow with You What can organisations do to make people think twice about leaving?