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Today's newsletter is by my friend and SaaS copywriter Pedro Cortes.

Pedro works with dozens of SaaS companies to improve their landing pages, onboarding, and conversion flows and he ALWAYS has amazing results to show.

And for the Swipe Files audience only, he's sharing some behind the scenes content of real projects with clients.

Foyr is a tool specifically designed for interior designers. The key difference is that it has 60,000 pre-built models you can drag and drop to your design to fill a room with the exact design you wanted without having to design objects every time…

The best part is that it also renders everything in the cloud so you don’t need an expensive computer.

So why did they ask for my help?

This product is AMAZING!!

Customers are doing designs in less than 1 hour that usually would take them the whole day!

The problem is… How do we explain that without sounding like complete BS!?

“What changed?”

We did many tiny tweaks without redesigning the whole page just as a test before we invested time redoing it completely (more on that later).

We can boil it down to 3 main tweaks

#1 - Showing them this tool was built for them!!

We showed them this is the only tool built for interior designers from scratch! Usually they have to mix and match tons of other tools to get something fully custom for their clients.

We also showed them what they wanted right away (templates, render times etc…) Even though the hero seems bloated it worked out WAAYYY better.

#2 - We SHOWED them how much faster they can design (we didn’t tell them)

(this goes right below the hero section btw)

Instead of telling people “design 5-10x faster” (which sounds too good to be true) we just showed a timelapse of someone designing something really good in a ridiculously low amount of time.

#3 - We repeated #2 lots of times

(this is a slide show with several other examples - This is the same section with the new branding but the old section was the same… Just couldn’t find it).

We showed them that it’s not just this design, EVERY customer is doing amazing designs in a super short time frame.

This is proper social proof, people can relate to this result and believe they can do it too.

“What was the result?”

Even Though the number of trials only increased by 10%, revenue increased by 40%!

Why? Because we were attracting the perfect customer that would be more than willing to pay for it.

This was just the MVP version, we then redesigned everything to make a new design that would support the new copy.

The result?? A 235% increase in revenue from this PPC campaign (not a low budget btw).

That result sounded too good to be true so I showed you the first iteration first ;)

(I believe the trials went up 40% this time - more or less)


Thanks again to Pedro for sharing the case study. Make sure to go follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

What did you think?


p.s. did you see that I launched my new course, Marketing Like A Media Company? Would love for you to check it out →

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