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Have you considered creating a course for your site or business but don't know how? Or maybe think it'll take too much work?

Well, that's totally fair but that's also why today's guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast is so exciting.

Her name is Hilary Erickson. We've featured her story before in a written interview but she's so inspiring that we just had to ask her back for a podcast episode with Jared.

She's been blogging since 2005 and knows a thing or two about the business. She now has 2 sites generating tons of traffic and up to $16k a month mostly from the courses she sells.

Today, she walks us through the process for how to create a course for your business, advice on the tech needed, what to focus on, where to host the course, and much more.

In the interview they also discuss:

  • Pinterest — how good it was, how good it is today, and should you still use it?
  • Google Understanding what your website is about
  • Which tools and software she has used to find keywords
  • Bridging the gap between topics for Google
  • How to see what Google is ranking you for
  • Sponsored posts
  • Updating and editing courses
  • How she is using email to sell courses
  • Future-proofing your business with email

If you're looking to boost your earnings by adding a proven revenue stream, then this is a must listen.

There are many great takeaways from Hilary's story so please feel free to take notes.

Get the full Niche Pursuits interview with Hilary Erickson here!

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Thanks for reading!


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