Is Charging an EV Cheaper Than Filling a Car With Gas?

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June 23, 2022

One thing is true no matter where you live right now: gas is expensive. Everywhere you look on social media, people are posting pictures and horror stories of the latest tank fill-up and how much it cost. That is people who own regular cars and trucks—if you own an EV, you don’t have to pump gas anymore.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t spend money on “refueling” your vehicle! And oddly, the price of electricity is somewhat tied to the cost of gas. So as gas prices soar, we had to wonder—is recharging an EV actually less expensive than filling up a tank of gas? Check out the top story for more details.

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TODAY'S TOP STORY Is Charging an EV Cheaper Than Filling a Car With Gas?

With gas prices going through the roof and showing no signs of slowing down, we’re seeing more people debate the switch to an EV or hybrid vehicle. If you’re on the fence about going electric and are wondering, “is it cheaper to charge an EV than filling a car with gas?” you’re not alone. Read More »

Hunt A Killer’s ‘Nancy Drew – Mystery at Magnolia Gardens’ Review: A Great Intro

Growing up, I read my fair share of mystery books, from Nancy Drew to Sherlock Holmes, and even contemplated becoming a detective in real life. While that dream didn’t come true, I’m still obsessed with binging true crime stories and solving fake mysteries, so I enjoyed living vicariously through Nancy Drew in this mystery board game from Hunt A Killer. Read More »

Telsa “Locks” Cybertruck Design and Clarifies Planned Release Date

After several years of work, Tesla has “finally locked” the Cybertruck’s design. Elon Musk confirmed the company’s progress in a new segment of the (outrageously long) interview with Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valley. He also clarified the planned Cybertruck production date, which is now aimed for mid-2023 instead of just “next year.” Read More »

Anker’s New Sport X10 Fitness Earbuds Are Made to Stay In Your Ear

With fitness-focused earbuds, you’ll want something that stays in your ear instead of losing Airpods under the treadmill. Anker’s new Soundcore Sport X10 earbuds promise precisely that, with a customizable ear-hook design made to stay put. Read More »

See How LEGO’s Optimus Prime Set Was Designed in a New Video

Earlier this month, LEGO published its first Designer video of 2022, ending a six-month dry spell for its biggest fans. And to our surprise, the company is back with another behind-the-scenes video, this time with a focus on the new Optimus Prime set. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE These Night Lights Work in a Power Outage and Double as a Flashlight
These Night Lights Work in a Power Outage and Double as a Flashlight

Plug-in night lights are great to have around the house or down some stairs, but these 4-in-1 night lights kick things up a notch. With GE’s power failure LED night lights, you can walk around safely at night and be more prepared during a power outage.

Like many other plug-in night lights, these will automatically turn on/off at sundown thanks to a light sensor, but they’ll also turn on when the power goes out or can double as a flashlight. That’s because each one packs three AAA batteries inside. I don’t know about you, but this is an impulse buy I won’t regret.

Get it at Amazon →

Xbox Cloud Gaming Caters to PC Users with a New Feature

After teasing the feature earlier this year, Microsoft is finally ready to add keyboard and mouse support to Xbox Cloud Gaming. Additionally, the company confirmed some big latency improvements are on the way to improve gameplay experiences. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Everything You Need to Camp in Luxury

Camping is a beautiful activity, especially when you’re camping in a scenic area with a great view of a lake or nearby mountains. The word ‘luxurious’ isn’t one that most people would tie to camping, but with a few key items, camping can be pretty dang luxurious. Read More »

World’s First Pi-Powered Satellite Completes Its Mission

The first Pi-powered satellite has successfully completed its mission. Launched by a group of undergrads at Utah State University (USU) earlier this year, the GASPACS CubeSat tested a unique “AeroBoom” stabilization system and endured 117 days in space before exiting orbit. Read More »

Wear OS 3 Finally Arrives on a Non-Samsung Smartwatch

After a boring year of Android smartwatches, it seems that Google’s new Wear OS 3 is finally catching on. Montblanc just announced the Summit 3, the first non-Samsung smartwatch to support Wear OS 3. It launches July 15th for an outrageous $1,290. Read More »

Let’s Talk About Our Favorite Tech Gadgets from the 80s

We’re big fans of all-things tech here at Review Geek. While we tend to spend our days drooling over the latest gadgets, we occasionally like to pause and pay respect to the tech that paved the way for the devices we enjoy using today. Today, we’re looking at some of our favorite tech gadgets from the ’80s. Read More »


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Are you taking proper care of the battery in your laptop? While chips are getting more efficient and battery life is increasing, avoiding a few mistakes can help extend your laptop battery health in the long term. Read More »


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Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K UHD Smart TV

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