Trevor McKendrick - Failures to cope

Good morning - it’s Trevor again here telling you that this week is going to be amazing.


David McCullough died (wikipedia)

On a whim last week I shared one of his books: 1776. Only a few hours later did the news start coming out that he had died.

His narration is as good as his books IMO. Make sure to get the audiobooks that he reads, and to watch the Civil War documentary by Ken Burns - it was narrated by David.

Here’s the Washington Post’s piece on David, and here’s the WSJ.

Monzo’s early years, written by its founder/CEO (article)

If you haven’t heard of it Monzo is one of the most successful startup banks in the UK. IIRC they have 6 million customers now and do hundreds of millions of revenue per year.

Not to brag but their early #s, growth, and retention sound a lot like what we have going on @ Seis right now. It’s really, really exciting.

Failure to Cope “Under Capitalism” (article)

“The inability to do basic tasks is not always a political problem.”

Rankings where Canada comes in last (article)

The first is “Most unaffordable housing”

What Is Talent in Higher Education?

“Why is keeping an eye out for talent important? There may be no higher purpose for college and university leaders than raising the aspirations of potentially talented people who are undervaluing themselves.”

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