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How to live forever

Good morning - hope you enjoyed a quality Thanksgiving. Trevor Money Games (book) Picked this one up over the weekend, it's about how an American private equity firm bought South Korea's
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Is there such a thing as good taste?

Good morning - Here's one of my favorite quotes of all time: “Successful people create companies. More successful people create countries. The most successful people create religions.” In the
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How not to kill your company

Good morning - What an incredible week it has been! If you're on twitter, or even tangentially into crypto, you've seen the insanity of what's happened at FTX. Any “summary” I could link to
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How to live a meaningful life

Good morning - I asked a friend the other day: “Why do you wake up in the morning?” I don't think it's actually all that easy a question to answer. If you do the “5 whys” thing (answer the
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How to open a Swiss bank account

Good morning! Trevor Back to the office (article) Elad Gil's summary of his conversations talking to a ~10 growth stage CEOs about what their companies are doing about going back to the office.
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What a time to be alive

Hi all! My company Seis is growing its customer support team I've been learning about queuing theory - can any of you help build me a model for an M/M/k system? My use case is I want to be able to
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Kobe Bryant's practice free throw success rate

Hi all - I just got back from an amazing week off. It's good to be back. Trevor Tweet of the week (5 tweets) “something a mentor of mine once told me that i will pass along: a great way to stay
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What it's like being poor

Good morning! Thank you to everyone who messaged me wondering where I was. I'm back - for now! Have a fantastic week. Trevor A Remembrance of my Mother (article) Emily Oster on her mother, who
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Failures to cope

Good morning - it's Trevor again here telling you that this week is going to be amazing. Trevor David McCullough died (wikipedia) On a whim last week I shared one of his books: 1776. Only a few
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The greatest startup in the history of the world

Hello & good morning! I have a feeling it's gonna be a great week. Trevor 1776 (book) IMO America is the greatest startup of all time: a bunch of disorganized, rag tag people teamed up to beat
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Audacity is underrated

Buenos días! Here's to another week of life. Trevor Ben Affleck taking pictures with fans in Paris (twitter video) I thought this was interesting because it Ben looks just totally devoid of life.
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Night owls vs morning people

Hello & good morning - I hope you all have a terrific week. Trevor Author Brandon Sanderson talks about his work schedule (youtube clip) Linking to this because he's the only Successful Person
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Why Mr. Beast canned an $800k video

Good morning! I'm going to be in New York this Thursday & Friday - message me to say hi. Trevor Mr. Beast didn't post a video that cost him $800k because he thought it sucked (tiktok) Quick
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How Tesla ships software

Good morning! Just a few links this week, everybody back to work! Trevor The 2-hour Cocktail Party (book) My friend Nick Gray wrote a fantastic book about how to organize a 2-hour cocktail party. This
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The 15 minute city

Good morning! 3 notes today - 1) Special ask for my Utah friends: do you know a personal trainer you like/trust? Looking to hire someone w/ the main goal being accountability to make sure I work out 3-
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There is no beating the Soviet gulag (good morning!)

Good morning! Thank you all for sending over links last week - I have plenty of amazing material to work through, most of which I'd never heard of before. I'm also back in SF briefly today/
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The best thing you've ever read

Good morning! No links this week - instead I have a question to ask you: What's the best thing you've read, watched, or listened to that you don't think anyone else will send me? Thank you
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When everything is important but nothing is getting done

Good morning! 4 links this week for a 4 day work week! Trevor Practical Power Beaming Gets Real (article) We can send electrical power through the air without wires. Cool! Talent (book) I swear I
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The worst person in the world

Good morning fellow humans - here's to having a fantastic week. Trevor Tony Fadell talks about the original iPods (video) This was super cool - they did x-rays of 3 different iPods, and Tony talks
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How much should you criticize people?

Good morning! I created this Spotify playlist yesterday that put me in a great mood - it's a musicals playlist, if that's your thing! Have a fantastic week! Trevor How much should you criticize