A peak at our full-length FBA for Beginners Course

Hey Reader,

You might have heard—for this week only, in the name of celebrating/mourning (pick your flavor) the resumption of school, we’re offering you 12 mini ecommerce classes and our full length FBA for Beginners course for just $149.

Our FBA for Beginners course is the most comprehensive course for the Amazon neophyte. And even if you’re not a beginner, this course is perfect for your VAs.

This class focuses only about the on-Amazon stuff. This isn’t a “How to find a product to sell” class. This isn’t a “how to use Alibaba” lesson. This course is only about what you need to do on Amazon.

So here’s what you’ll learn:

Listing Your Product for Maximum Conversions

We’re not going to show you just how to make a listing on Amazon (that’s pretty easy) but also how to make a high-converting listing.

We’ll show you the exact techniques we use in our product imagery and how and where we get it done (for cheap). We’ll show you how to make high click-through titles, where people go wrong on bullet points and descriptions (so you don’t do it too), and everything else to make your product listing page the highest converter in its category.

Shipping and Logistics


I know. Shipping and logistics. Boring. You want the marketing wizardry! We got that too (see below) but shipping and logistics are so important to being successful on Amazon. 

Plain and simple, we’re going to show you the tricks of maximizing shipping efficiencies for your Amazon business so you get your products into Amazon at the absolute lowest cost and fulfilled to customers at an equally low cost. 

This might be the most boring module in the course, but it’s also probably the most valuable.

Launching and Promoting a Listing

Here you go, marketer! The sizzle you were looking for.

In this module, we’ll show you all about the Amazon launch process:

  • How to take advantage of the honeymoon period
  • How Amazon SEO works (and how you can use it to your advantage)
  • The fundamentals of the “peel, block, and stick” method

and much more to get your listing to a top ranking.

If all of that sounds amazing (it should) then check out our Back-to-School Secret Sauce Special where you’ll get this full-length course and 12 other mini classes for just $149. 

Get the bundle.


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