Police robot debate - World's priciest drug approved - Brazil election challenge

Pakistan army chief • Measles report • World's priciest drug approved • San Francisco police robot • Brazil election challenge •
25 NOV 2022
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World's priciest drug approved • San Francisco police robot • Pakistan army chief • Brazil election challenge • Measles report

Voter turnout data • US arms sales • Crop hacking

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#1 in U.S. News • 12 articles
Why is the world’s most expensive drug said to be priced fairly?
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Source: Associated Press and Business Wire

  1. Summary
    The treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration, called Hemgenix, is a gene therapy for hemophilia B. Hemophilia B is a rare genetic disorder that reduces blood clotting, which at worst can manifest as random bleeding episodes that take time to subside. 15% of hemophilia patients suffer from hemophilia B. In the overall population 1 in 40,000 do.

    At $3.5 million per dose, it is the most expensive drug in the world. However, existing treatments for hemophilia B are both expensive and routine, and can wane in effectiveness after time. As a result, estimates suggest the adult lifetime cost of treating severe hemophilia B is $21-$23 million per patient. In contrast, Hemgenix only needs to be administered once, leading analysts to consider it a relatively good price in the U.S.

    Hemgenix is an "orphan drug," an FDA classification intended to incentivize medical research into treatments for diseases that are very rare. Because of the designation, Hemgenix's producer has exclusive rights to the U.S. market for the next seven years.

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    The FDA just approved the most expensive drug in the world.
    Science Alert (Center) • Factual Grade 78% • 4 min read

  1. Different political viewpoint
    Gene therapy at $3.5m a dose approved for US adults with hemophilia B.
    The Guardian (Moderate Left) • Factual Grade 73% • 3 min read
  1. Selected long-read
    Why does America spend so much on health care?
    City Journal (Right) • Factual Grade 86% • 9 min read

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#2 in U.S. News • 11 articles
Why are San Francisco officials considering allowing the use of deadly force with robots?

    The measure is currently part of a draft policy on how the San Francisco Police Department can use military-grade equipment. The Board of Supervisors Rules Committee has been considering the policy for week...

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Should police be allowed to use deadly force via remote-controlled robots?

All votes are anonymous. This poll closes at: 9:00 PDT


Should cryptocurrency mining operations have to mostly use renewable energy?

255 votes, 5 comments

Context: NY restricts crypto mining. Note that due to a technical error, some responses may not have been recorded.


Yes - Crypto is a major example of how finance is increasingly divorced from the 'real' economy. Factories and power plants that used to employ large numbers of people get reopened as mining centers that employ almost no one but still hog vast amounts of resources. [...] It's hard enough curbing emissions to begin with, so is it really such a big ask that an incredibly wasteful economic niche use clean energy?

No - Per the graph itself it’s not using more energy compared to other digital businesses such as data storage and server farms. Why are we targeting specific businesses? Moreover, ...

Unsure - All cryptocurrencies, if they expect or...

#1 in World News • 24 articles
Why is the appointment of Pakistan's new army chief being closely watched?

    Asim Munir, former head of Pakistan's Military Intelligence (MI) and then Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency, has been pu...

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#2 in World News • 19 articles
Why is Brazil's outgoing president challenging his election loss?

    Weeks after losing Brazil's presidential election to his left-wing challenger Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro has issued a formal challenge to the election results. Bolsonaro c...

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#1 in Health News • 13 articles
Why are the CDC and WHO warning about measles?

    A new report by the CDC and WHO has declared measles to be an "imminent" health threat. Though the measles vaccine has existed for decades and is 97% effective at preventin...

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Highly-rated article from left-leaning source

The Guardian • Grade 71%

Joe Biden renews call for assault weapons ban after latest mass shootings.

Highly-rated article from right-leaning source

Washington Times • Grade 73%

Writer who accused Trump of 1990s rape files new lawsuit.

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